Monday, February 20, 2012

This and That

I feel like all I am doing lately is "catching up"! We have been busy, but I do have to say that we haven't really done enough to be blog worthy on a weekly basis... So this blog will catch up with what the Wamboldt's have been up to with a little bit of this, and a little bit of that.

Most nights after supper, we head downstairs to play with their "big toys". Spring cannot come fast enough so we can use some of these toys outside! Both Aiden and Ashton L.O.V.E their Cozy Truck. It's nice that both can ride in/on it so we eliminate some fights. Yes, FIGHTS! As of recently they always want what the other has, and it isn't good enough that we have two. They want the ONE that the other has. If one touches the other, they retaliate and it usually ends up in biting, scratching, me separating them, hitting, and "getting away" crawling. It also happens in the bath tub with one wanting to help wash the other's hair, but that means touching each other and that ends up in a fight. And so it begins.

Ashton hitching a ride.

We are going to have a path in the carpet where they get pushed round, and round, and round...
Daddy pushes...

Ashton drives... while Aiden fixes and inspects the tires.
and Aiden pushes.
They love their wagon, but we just don't have the room to really "ride" in the basement. Again, Spring cannot come fast enough.
This past week has brought back many memories of the boys officially coming home from the hospital. Last year we celebrated our Two Year Anniversary at the A & W in Baldwin while on our way to visit the boys. This year we celebrated our anniversary at home with the boys and I had parent/teacher conferences ;(
Last year we hung the boys' valentine's in their hospital room, this year we all had chocolate cupcakes!
They were so good, Aiden insisted on sharing (the boys are really into sharing... they hand you everything and want you to take a bit of whatever they are eating). They even sometimes share with each other! Sometimes. It usually ends in a fight or tears.
We are struggling trying to find table foods that Ashton will eat. Needless to say, he liked the cupcake, he loves yogurt, mac and cheese, grilled cheese, crackers, veggie sticks and baby puffs. Other than that, it ends up on the floor.
The boys were home with Daddy on Valentine's Day and with this Day Care thing being new... we were surprised to see these cute valentine's from all their little friends. We completely missed the ball on this one! I promise to do something special for the little friends on St. Patty's day ;0
Something else that is new, wanting to feed themselves. I need to be patient and come to terms with the fact that they will get more messy, the floor will get more messy, and supper time will take much longer. BUT it is fun to see them try to feed themselves. They usually hit their mouths and most of the food gets in!
Yummy Yogurt!
Aiden is so talented he can run two spoons!
I do all I can to not intervene and try to keep everything clean, although I do man my own spoon and sneak some full bites into their mouths when they least expect it. Izzie is loving the spoons of food flying off their high chairs. Although she needs to watch out for the flying sippy cups... those hurt if they hit you and she knows it!
This past Sunday we took the boys to their FIRST HOCKEY GAME. Our friends have two boys that play so we like to make it to a couple games. We watched Brigs with the Menomonie Mites. The boys took notes on how to score goals, just like Brigs! They sat and watched intently for the first two periods, and then the last period they wanted to move around. They would pound on the glass and clap when everyone else clapped. In the years to come, the boys will be looking up to Brigs and Blais!
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I mentioned Valentine's Day and our Anniversary earlier and how we spent it with the boys eating hot dogs, mac and cheese, and spaghetti. Sooooo, we are treating ourselves with a long weekend in Mexico! We leave very early on Thursday morning and will be returning on Sunday night. Long enough to get away for a bit and enjoy the sun and sand, but not too long to miss the boys on our first time away! Hopefully Nana and Debbie take some pictures of and we'll update the blog next week. Otherwise I will have to share some of Mexico...

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