Sunday, March 25, 2012

Baby Lambs and Birthdays

A spring field trip that many kiddos are lucky to go on would be to a farm and see the baby lambs. Well, we don't need to take the boys anywhere else than day care to see lambs, baby goats, and chickens... EVERYDAY! Meet Zeke.
Zeke was born with a twin, and unfortunately, both the mom and the twin passed away, so Zeke got be in in the house to be taken care of. He is bottle fed every three or so hours ( with a lot of helping hands) and wears a diaper when he is in the house. Ashton and Aiden don't help by tearing at the diaper...
Too cute, when you drop the boys off and they tear right into playing and don't even pay attention to the fact a lamb is nosing through the blocks they are playing with!
Onto more Birthday Celebrations! We have many friends that were pregnant the same time as us and who have little kiddos... so we decided to celebrate some birthdays all together. It will be fun watching everyone grow together, and some year when and if they are all in school together, starting these memories are well worth the chaos of having a baby birthday party for 4 one year olds! Happy Birthday Caz, Ashton, Aiden, and Reese (Maybe next year they won't all be just learning to walk and literally in all different places... so no photos!)
Ashton saying "Hi" to Reese. He will learn someday that your don't always need the "phone: up to your ear to say hi ;)
The party was hosted by Nate and Brooke (Reese's parents). It was definitely a full house and a great time. Ashton liked the balloons and was playing with Jackson. Jackson will be one at the end of March!
Loved riding in Reese's wagon as the night died down. Just about bedtime... Thanks Reese for sharing your rides!
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Thanks for checking in! Sorry it has taken so long. I get behind and then it takes even longer to get caught up! So more pictures than words... that all most care about anyway right?
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