Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break to the Dells!

It feels like the story of my life... always trying to get something done with NO TIME! But - I have about four blogs ready for narration and ready to be posted. So in true fashion and to keep things rolling, the words will be brief and pictures will speak louder than the words.
We CANNOT BELIEVE we were thinking about attempting a trip to Florida for Spring Break! In January we finally decided we would be biting off more than we could chew and planned a shorter trip to the Wisconsin Dells with the boys. This required no air travel, no sun block, and only three days. Whew, we still needed a vacation after the vacation! Chula Vista, Here comes the Wamboldt's. We rented a minivan, yes a minivan to get us all there (including Nana and Mikayla). Can you special request for hotel room's to be baby proofed? Because if it was there and not supposed to be touched - they found it!
Within a matter of minutes, Aiden dismantled the tissues and after several attempts to put it back together, it stayed dismantled until we left.
Ashton thought his swim outfit was pretty cool...
And we tried the water. Ashton has always liked it, and had no problems testing out the fountain. The problem was keeping him in the water because this all-the-sudden-independent boy wanted to walk all over with no help and continued to run towards the bathrooms, restaurant, and first aide office.
Aiden wasn't too sure about the water at first. I though it was going to be a long three days with him standing here... but eventually he warmed up to the water.
Their favorite spot... fighting to be IN the night stands.
How to you get ready for check out AND keep the boys entertained? Give them ride of course!
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We have a feeling we will be back yearly. As the boys get older they will be able to do more and more! Maybe we'll try Florida in a year or two...
Happy Spring!

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