Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas #3

The last Christmas celebration was at Adam's parents house in Oconto Falls. We get up early on Christmas morning and hit the road. It is a marathon of a day! Once we arrive, there is food to be eaten ALL DAY LONG and presents to be opened for several hours ;)
The boys matched Gramma with their hats when we arrived!

Probably not OSHA approved, but the antique high chairs do the job. These have been in the family for MANY YEARS! Just a little snack before presents...

and... dig in! Not so much this year. They had very little interest in opening, but loved playing with all the new toys!
Elle reading Aiden a book over their morning milk.

Where's Aiden? Not sure but we'll be able to hear him! Pretty cool trucks... flashlights, a night light, and a truck that makes noise! Look out Door County.
Break time for another snack, then more presents. Yes, we take food breaks!
What better than Dino to help us learn to walk! So cute seeing the boys cruise around. Ashton was a pro... Aiden wasn't so sure about it right away...
Aiden prefers using the puzzle pieces for a paci...

You can walk with the Dino and ride it... Daddy makes them cruise around the house.

Ashton and Aiden are in love with the windows and keeping up with what is happening in the neighborhood.
With the Christmas Tree gone, they have discovered that they can see out the living room window and watch Daddy shovel. Next winter they will be out helping ;)

With a little bit of snow, we were finally able to use the sleds too! We walked around the neighborhood one night when Daddy was in Las Vegas. Look at their cute "Grumpy Old Men" Hats! Thanks Great Aunt Amy! They are adorable.
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