Sunday, October 30, 2011

9 Months and Pneumonia

The last couple weeks have been some of the longest weeks that we've had in awhile! We have two nine month olds on the move, I had parent teacher conferences, and we've had pneumonia and bronchitis. That may sum up our last two weeks! The last post was the Pumpkin Patch and I referenced Ashton getting sick with many pictures of his droopy eyes. He started with a dry cough and it kept getting worse. On Tuesday (Oct. 18th), I stayed home from work and took him in to the doctor. They treated him for bronchitis and some spots in his left lung that sounded like pneumonia. Every kid needs pink medicine at some point right? He did well with the pink stuff, but NOT the oral steroid. I tasted it before having to give it to Ashton... it tasted like poison! Good thing it was a one time deal...
Still not feeling the best (notice the slouch and the droopy eyes) they turned NINE MONTHS OLD! Thing 1 and Thing 2 are busy little boys!
Ashton: Though not feeling the best, Ashton was the first to start "army crawling".
Content watching his brother scoot in circles around him, Aiden winning the race in the teeth. He has 6 teeth (4 top and 2 bottom).
On Tuesday night (Oct. 25th) I had parent teacher conferences from 4-8pm. We had scheduled the boys' 9 month appointment in August so Daddy had to take them to their appointment! He got many comments about how brave he was... Ashton and Aiden were champs getting their flu shots. Daddy said he cried more than the boys did ;)
Ashton: 20 pounds 5 ounces, 28.5 inches tall, and 18" head
Aiden: 19 pounds 13 ounces, 29 inches tall, and 18 1/4" head
It was nice having the check up a week after Ashton was sick as he got a clean bill of health. BUT, a day before the check up Aiden then developed a quite nasty cough. After listening to his lungs, they treated him for bronchitis and pneumonia just like his brother. Like I said before, doesn't every kid need the pink medicine at some point?!?!?! What worried me is Aiden had more more noticeable wheeze in his chest and had a temperature that Tylenol wouldn't touch AND he spit out his oral steroid. After a long day and a half waiting for him to get better, it seemed he was getting worse, so back to the doctor we went. They did another steroid and this time tried a nebulizer. It seems to loosen up his chest and stopped his wheezing!
So.... home we came with our own personal nebulizer ;(He's a trooper and doesn't mind it at all. We did this 4 times a day for the first two days and then stated to wean him off, as it affected his sleep and made him jump off the walls! Many sleepless nights and long days later... it seems like both boys are healthy again and let's hope for not getting sick again this season! Aiden still has a little purrrr in his chest, but I just call him our little kitty-cat. :)On Sunday we went to Eau Claire to go Trick-or-Treating at Elle's house. OK, not really but we took her a little treat and the boys got some treats as well! The boys got some books, snacks, and the CuTeSt little monster bags!Gramma also dropped off some Halloween goodies for the boys, but I'll share those pictures next week as they boys were in their costumes ;)
Ashton does the silliest thing with his tooth brush... he puts it in his mouth and lets it hang out while he plays. He is doing this more and more with putting things in his mouth and just chilling with it... Goofy.I said earlier that Aiden was content watching his brother scoot all over. NOT ANY MORE... he is on the move as well. In the last couple days, he is keeping up with his brother... DOUBLE TROUBLE.Ashton even likes crawling over his brother. He is also pulling himself up on Adam and I. He doesn't quite trust himself to pull himself up on the furniture, but very soon!This is a cute picture of Aiden... this morning they were all over the house, exploring. Yes, that is Ashton on top of him in the background! I'm surprised to see the smile on Aiden's face as he usually hates Ashton touching him...Let's hope this week includes rest, full nights of sleep, no more pink medicine, and no more coughs!
Next weeks blog will be all about HALLOWEEN and Trick-Or-Treating with the two cutest little _______________ ever!

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