Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Last week I commented that the Wamboldt Family was dealing with a cold and some new teeth. I was thinking it was done, but it seems like it wants to linger just a bit longer. Aiden continues to have a runny nose and Ashton has quite the little cough. I think it's also safe to say that we will be getting new teeth weekly between the two! Aiden is working on another on the top and it looks like since Ashton's bottom two came in, he is also working on about three on the top. Poor little boys! While Aiden had Ahton beat on the teeth, Ashton has Aiden beat on the hair. So much so, he has quite the bedhead some mornings and after naps ;)

With the weather getting cooler, we are bundling up and still trying to get in our walks. It is going to be a long winter without our walk times. Either that or expensive because we'll walk at the malls!
The MoNsTeR Hats are funny...

It was too cute... the boys were all smiles until they looked at each other. They must have sat there for 15 minutes trying to figure out what was on each other's heads!

Aiden James

Ashton Alan

We took our two PuMpKiNs to the Patch this weekend. It was a bit windy, but otherwise a beautiful day to meet Cousin Elle at Pleasant Valley.

Nana bought the boys some Halloween shirts. Aiden's says "Boo" and Ashton's says "Who's Hiding the Treats?"

Poor Ashton not feeling so well... Many droopy eyes in today's pictures ;(

The first thing we did at the Pumpkin Patch was SwInG!

Daddy and his two boys... all wearing their puffy vests. How much longer before we cannot hold both?!?!?!

With Dad's help, they tried the slide. Aiden still trying to tell his brother that he has a silly thing on his head!

There was a petting zoo there... and this cute little pony. Adam thought that Elle should have went home right away and put one on her Christmas List.

Elle gave Ashton a ride on the tractor. I think she was asking him where they should go...

We saw the pumpkin launcher shoot a pumpkin... on a day that isn't so busy, they'll crank it up and shot pumpkins over the hill you see far away in the background! I missed the launch because I was looking at the boys' reaction to the loud noise... they didn't even flinch!
More hay! This time Ashton could pick his teeth with it because he had mittens on... so he just hit at it :)


Can you spot the CUTE PuMpKiN in this picture?
How about this one?

The three CuTeSt pumpkins at the patch!!! I honestly think it will be a couple years before we can hold all kiddos still, looking at the camera, and smiling!

We had a great day! Next year the boys will be able to do a lot more and we are already looking forward to taking them back. It's crazy to think that the next time we will be back at Pleasant Valley is to get our Christmas Tree in November/December!

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