Sunday, February 8, 2015

WILD Ice Time

 I don't know why I am so far behind!  To attempt to get caught up, this post will be mostly pictures!  I have had them ready to go for awhile now.  

Because Menomonie Youth Hockey bought so many tickets for the group, they got some private Minnesota Wild ice time the week after.  For our Sunday practice, on January 17th we headed to the Xcel Energy Center.  It was such a great day for the boys.  When we were pulling in, Aiden was a bit disappointed that we weren't going to Zach Parise's house, but he got over it.
 They are getting so confident and comfortable on their skates and with their sticks.  It is a blast to watch.
 I really wish I knew what they say to each other... every now and then they find each other and chit chat.  Do they give advice, encouragement, or yell at each other?
 Probably too many pictures... but why not put them all on? 
 Ready position.
 Pretty proud to be center ice.
 We had two sweaty little boys afterwards who were not ready to be done!
 Looks like Aiden showered... nope.   Just a sweaty head.
 We weren't allowed in the players locker room, but these are the doors that go into it.  Many of their favorite players are interviewed in the front of these doors!

 There were a couple players there for a meet and greet but we didn't want to stand in the super long line... posing with their posters were just fine with the boys.
 A friend of ours (Jessica Wayne Photography) had her camera as well and shared these pictures with us.  Love them.  Thanks Jess!
 Once we were home, we went from one sport to another... Football.
Too bad the Packers didn't win to head to the Super Bowl.
It is my goal to slowly get caught up as I find the time this week.  I have birthday pictures and Meet the Mustangs night ready to upload.

Happy February!  Adam and I celebrated our 6th anniversary yesterday!  He spent the day at work, I spent the day at State High School Dance, and the boys spent the day with the Rueber's.  With hockey bright and early this morning, we had a family anniversary lunch today at Cancun's.  Oh how things change... but I'm not complaining!  Adam is still giving me grief about getting up and enjoying the mornings with him.  That is one thing he asked of me during our pre-wedding couples meetings with the pastor.  I am so not a morning person!  I told him yesterday that I gave him two beautiful boys to get up and enjoy the mornings with him... while I sleep in.  That works right?

Spring is just around the corner right!?!?

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