Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pond Hockey and WILD Hockey!!!

 All about hockey...

Okay, maybe not all about hockey but this has to do with skating!
Taking advantage of another Winter Break day, the girls cam over to go sledding.  They brought their skates that they got from Santa too!  Their fist time on the ice... and we got to be a part of it!  It was hard to get pictures as we had four kiddos to get gear and skates on, two brand new skaters, two skaters getting used to the pond ice, and only two adults.  By the time they were all dressed and ready, the first kiddo started to get cold.  ;)  *Notice the color of Elise's nose.

 Adam flooded the ice to try and even it out.  It may need a couple more floods, but it is great to have this so close to our house.  It's definitely different from skating on ice that the Zamboni makes perfect, but they got used to it after about 10 minutes.
 January third we had a Jamboree/Scrimmage in Amery.  The boys played two games back to back for a total of two hours.  They were exhausted after getting up at 6:15 to be there by 8:00!  So much fun to watch them.  At times they play together on the same line, and other times they play separate.  At one time when they were out there together Aiden passed it to Ashton down the ice and he caught it.  This is a pretty big deal for the level they play ;)  Okay, not really just fun to watch.  They definitely do pay attention to each other on the ice and find each other.
 Shaking hands after the game.
 A few action shots. 
 I am trying to be in the moment and not looking through the lens the entire time.  I also need to let go of the guilt of some of the shots I don't get on camera!
 At the end, they all got medals.  Their first hockey medal.  They wore it around their neck for two days and insisted to take it to Bonnie's on Monday.  Aiden calls it his "Badge".
 Ashton skated down right away to show us.  So proud.
 I didn't get a team picture.  They played with 7 kids total.  
Ashton, Caz, and Aiden
 Today we took the boys' hockey experience to the next level.  We took them to their first Minnesota Wild game.  They sit on the couch and watch the Wild, and we record the games because they ask to watch them even when they aren't playing.  This past Friday, Ashton was sick and I stayed home with him.   They love finding their favorite player, Zack Parise, on the ice.  We watched them get beat by the Blackhawks... twice... in a row... for how every many hours.  Hopefully we can get a game recorded where they win.  That's more fun to watch over...and over.

MYHA had some group tickets for the LTS and Mite skaters.  We originally turned them down thinking the boys were a bit too young and we would be battling them to sit still.  We changed our mind when a family of 4 was trying to sell their tickets last week.  The boys were SUPER excited.
We got there early and went right down by the ice.  The coolest thing - with buying the number of tickets the group did, they get free ice time.  The boys will be skating at the Excel Energy Center in a week for their hockey practice.  They will change in their locker rooms and be on the same ice as Zack Parise.  They are pretty excited!
Does that face say no nap and excited?!?!
We met Nordy by our seats.  Being a bit shy, Daddy had to meet him too!
Walking away, Nordy stole Ashton's hat.  Of either kid, Ashton is the most nervous of mascots... but he thought it was funny!
It fit on his ear!
Silly Nordy!
Having some fun before the game started.

There were a few different Peanuts characters, but we got a picture by just this one.  So much to do, so excited, so little time!

We got to see some warm up time for both teams...
Then the turned up the music and turned down the lights to introduce the team.
I had tears in my eyes just seeing how excited these two little boys were.  I think it's a pretty neat experience, and to only imagine what it is like through a "just about 4 year old's eyes".
What a great day.  
After stopping at Buffalo Wild Wings for supper (Daddy's favorite) we were home for a early bedtime.

In the near future we have more hockey, Mikayla's Dance schedule is just about every weekend, Minnesota Wild ice time, and then the boys turn 4!!!

Then January will be done.  Hopefully I'll get some more posts in for the month ;)

*If you haven't visited for awhile, look for the Christmas post I completed earlier.

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