Wednesday, January 7, 2015


 Where to even start.  
It's overwhelming when I download the pictures from my camera and I have 400 of them.  I guess that's what I get for letting the time pass and having two hockey tournaments, Christmas, and life happening!  I will start with our first Christmas Program and our First Jamboree.  In attempts to get caught up, the Christmas post will follow shortly as well as the Amery Jamboree.  Keep checking back, but give me a couple days!

We said good bye to Chippy / Scout.  The boys never did decide or stick to a name!  They started out calling him Scout, but ended calling him Chippy.  Let's see who returns next year... 
 We had seen Santa while cutting Christmas Trees, Santa visited one night at hockey... but we still had to do the classic mall visit and mall picture.  The boys kinda looked like rag-a-muffins but that's okay.  They look so big!  Ashton consistently asked for a Polar Express train and before this visit, Aiden was consistent with asking for a remote control dinosaur.  UNTIL this visit.  He asked for a snowmobile.  Nothing like changing it up!
 We finally had the chance to get to one of Brigs' hockey games.  They boys were his biggest fans and waited for him to come out of the locker room.  Cute.
 Hockey is in full swing and the boys are loving it.  To say they love it is a understatement!  With Ashton having reservations in the beginning of the season... we were second guessing our choice to start them.  Well - he has done a complete 360.  Before he would cry and show anxiety to get on the ice, and now he cries when practice is over.  He wakes up every morning asking if he has hockey practice and e.v.e.r.y night he asks to go downstairs and shoot pucks with Adam.
They had their first taste of a game when we traveled to their first Jamboree in Baldwin. 
 It's fun watching them on the ice.  Sometimes they are in their own little world, but often times they find each other on the ice... if I could only know what they say to each other!
 The boys with their friend Caz.
 They stick pretty close to each other.  I couldn't imagine what it would be like to have a twin with you for every step of your journey.
 They started out with a couple skill drills and then worked into a scrimmage.
 They had to skate from end to end without getting hit by a puck... fun!
 They played three on three and worked against each other.  Some talking points before next time are:
-Don't take the puck from your brother or teammates.
-Know what net to score in
To their defense... when we scrimmage at practice and at home, they do take the puck from their teammates and each other.  We also haven't really worked on offense, defense, and knowing which goal to score in since they don't play against goalies yet.
 Pretty proud of these two little boys.
 They don't keep score, but you better believe that they both know how many goals they scored!
Aiden said, "I scored a whole lot of goals!  Ashton don't worry, next time I'll let you score more."
 Taking a break with their team.
 Shift Change!
 Shaking hands at the end.  A hour scrimmage was just enough to wear them out!
 The Sunday before Christmas the boys had their first Christmas program.  Practicing, practicing, and practicing... O Little Town of Bethlehem and Miracle in the Manger.  We sang it nightly, we sang it in the car, we sang it in the bath, and while going to the bathroom.  The day of the performance came and Ashy was a no show at the dress rehearsal.  At the time this picture was taken, he saw us and started crying.  I had to take him to get a drink, a cookie, to the bathroom, and then sat with him and his class for a couple minutes.  I wasn't surprised he would have some anxiety about the morning.
 Gramma and Grampa, Elle, Elise, Missy and Dave all came to watch.
 We were all eager to hear them sing!  Ashton made it up with his Sunday School class, but was on the verge of tears the entire time.  Aiden was confident, but didn't really sing.  A priceless moment was when Aiden took Ashton's arm and told him it was going to be okay.  Ahhhhh.
 It was a cute program!
 Goofballs wouldn't give me one decent picture after the program of the two of them.
Done with pictures.
 Really done with pictures.
 After the program, it was home for lunch and nap and then to hockey practice!  We had some special visitors to come watch and we treated ourselves to Ted's (Teddies) Pizza between practice and open skate.
For open skate Grampa tied up his skates and skated with the boys.  They thought this was pretty cool!
 Go Grampa Go!
 We always give the choice for open skate and they always choose it. 

The Christmas pictures are ready to go... however my bed is calling.  You would have thought having a "Cold Day" today would have given me plenty of time to get caught up?!?!  Nope.  I'm still organizing closets and going through old toys and books to make room for the new.  Hockey was canceled tonight because of the cold... Isn't hockey supposed to be a cold sport?  I get it, it just makes for a long day being STUCK indoors!

Bundle Up, Say Warm and have a Happy New Year.
~The Wamboldt's

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