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Christmas 2014

 Christmas came up fast!  I guess I should listen to my mom when she tells me in January that "Christmas will be here again before you know it."  I believe I even remember her telling us in July that it was "only six months away!"  With all the hype around Christmas and the boys building their lists for two months, I was really nervous they wouldn't feel let down for all they didn't get!  I really want it to be about the magic of the holidays, spirit of the season and also giving to others.

We made a plate of treats for Bonnie and Tim and all their friends.  We also buy a toy all the kids can use there.  Ashton and Aiden are really taking to wanting to write and this was done all on their own.  You'll notice Aiden's "N" fell below the rest, so Ashton just used his.  I give so much credit to the teachers who teach handwriting.  Aiden is a perfectionist and this must have been the 7th envelope we went through before he was happy with his A.  Ashton doesn't really care so much.  ;)  Aiden is also really taking an interest in number expression.  "If I scored two goals and Ashton scored two goals, that is four all together."  He is into counting everything and adding groups together.  So much fun to see the light turn on and making progress in their learning. 
 We hosted the Larsen Family on Christmas Eve.  Adam brought home a Wamboldt tradition, so we roasted little weenie's over a stern-o.  The boys thought this was pretty cool!
 After dinner (more than just the weenies) we couldn't hold these two boys off the presents much longer!  It was all about the kids this year as we didn't buy for each other.  My family is taking a trip in March, so we are focusing on that being a gift in itself - the last time we all traveled together was 7 years ago when we went to Jamaica. 
 Aunt Elly started the Lego collection.  Hey - they are for people ages 4-99.  *After traveling for Christmas to Oconto Falls, we also came home with Adam's Lego collection from when he was little.  So cool!
 It was all about watching the kids... Mikayla had a couple to open, but she asks for more expensive stuff!
 Clothes?!?!  No fun!  Throw them aside.  ;)
 Nana keeps them super fans with all their favorite team gear!
 It was a STAR WARS / Hockey themed Christmas!
 Darth Vader!!!
 Mikayla didn't get forgotten about.  She just had a couple BIG presents, like a new make-up vanity!
Can you say: Super Excited!
 Elly and Mikayla had more fun with the Lego's!
 Uncle Nate and Daddy had just as much fun setting up the car racer track!
 Tired and snuggling with their new blankets.  Notice their Star Wars guys...
 Before bed we had to say good by to Chippy/Scout.  He would leave with Santa when he comes.  The boys were kind of sad and said they would miss him.  Ashton didn't want him to go, so I said we could take this picture and he can keep it in his room until we see him again next year.
 By Chippy/Scout!  *The boys used both names interchangeably.  Izzie also though he was fun to move around if he was on the floor, which horrified the boys.  "He'll loose his magic!!!" So maybe next year we'll keep him up and out of her reach and give him a real consistent name?!?!
 Before bed we also had to sprinkle the magic reindeer food in the yard.
They took this job VERY seriously!
 Kind of sad seeing all the green grass on Christmas Eve!
 Santa visited the Wamboldt House!
 Aiden woke up so early the next morning, it was still dark so he just cruised past into our room.  He sprints across the house to come to our room is he gets up... so Adam got him back to bed without seeing the presents.  Ashton on the other hand... about 7:00 walked into the living room and gasped.  He was up for good and digging into his stocking. 
 Once Aiden was up - they headed straight towards the biggest presents.  Of course!
 How did Santa know they liked green and blue?
 New hockey sticks!  The got straight ones last year until we could see which land they played with... so this year they told Santa that they needed curved sticks.  We have two kids that write with the right hands, throw with their right hands, but both swing a bat left handed and play hockey left handed.
 Silly Yoda hats.  I giggle when they wear them.
 Not to self next year... clothes ARE NOT fun to get and watching mom and dad open their presents IS NOT FUN!!!
 The boys through it was pretty important that I got a helmet if I am going to skate with them.  Yes, yes I should... why don't I look as cute as them though?  I guess I only have one brain to last my whole entire lift.  That's what I tell the boys too!
 New green and blue sleds and shovels!
 Aiden's number one on the top of his list... A green remote controlled dinosaur.
*Until he changed it to a snowmobile a week before Christmas.
 Ashton's number one at the top of his list... a Polar Express Train.
 Super nervous about one being disappointed in asking for different things and indeed getting different things, but the best part was seeing them both excited and hearing them say, "We got different things so now we can both share!!!"
 We played a Christmas Day game in the basement... all being safe and covering our heads.  The way the boys swing their sticks and the speed they hit the pucks we may need full gear for playing in the basement.  Yes - the windows are covered with styro-foam and wood!
 The rest of Christmas day was hanging in our jammies, playing, and eating.
 Friday afternoon made our way to Oconto Falls for another Christmas celebration!  We were eager to get to Gramma and Grampa's as it's a long ride for the boys (3 1/2 hours).  When we pulled up Aiden said, "it's okay we aren't at the hotel, he could go swimming in Gramma and Grampa's pool some other time."  I don't know how many times Ashton said he LOVED their house.  The girls and Missy and Dave came a bit later.  Story time before bed!
 Love the expressions!  SHE SWALLOWED WHAT?!?!
 Saturday morning they woke up to stockings at Gramma and Grampa's.
 R2D2 drink cups... sticking with the Star Wars theme!
 After breakfast and asking for one nice picture, it was present time!
 This may be the nice picture!
 So hard to get all four looking, smiling, and focused.
 As hard as it was, we opened from youngest to oldest taking turns.  Elise was first!
 Again, it was REALLY hard watching the adults open so we often had helpers.
 Some new gear for a favorite team!
 These tiny hockey players held their attention for quite some time.  Thanks Aunt Missy and Family!
 They set up a mini hockey game.  Hockey and STAR WARS totally is the interest this year.
 Elise looks snugly in her new sweatshirt from Nana Kathy.
 Storm Trooper and Darth Vader are HUGE!  So cool!
 Just about taller than Elise!
 The marble maze was a definite hit.  I don't know how many times I have built it, rebuilt it, and cleaned it up since we have been home from Christmas!
 Now Elle's doll can come camping with us to Door County!
 Aiden had a fever and cough while we were there... as it started in the car... on the way.  Bummer.  The biggest bummer was his coughing all through the night and all four of us sleeping in the same room.  Thank goodness it only lasted a couple days.  There were a lot of bugs traveling around through the holidays! 
 Trying to take advantage of some time off, we met up with Aunt Missy and the girls at the Children's museum.  I think everyone else had the same idea that day as it was packed!  It's fun seeing the kids all play together, however lonely when the kids go in opposite directions and we split up for most of the time ;)
 Aiden likes to explore and climb high.  NO WAY would Ashton do that.  He says he will "When he gets bigger."
 It doesn't fail that Ashton finds the train table and plays there for the whole time.
 They both like the water... while the girls did art projects.  These boys aren't into the art projects, that's for sure!
 Cousins - Thanks for the invite.  After pizza, we were home and crashed for nap!
 In other news, the pond finally froze over.  We had some pretty warm weather and then it turned nasty cold!  While Daddy was clearing off the rink, the boys played some boot hockey.
 Adam's friend/coworker had this goal for his son.  He is grown and moved out of the house so he took it all apart, repainted it, and gave it to us.  They are pretty lucky to have a regulation size hockey goal on their pond!
 There will be many of year spent on this pond shooting pucks, and many pucks found in the spring when the snow melts!
 Daddy makes a good goalie.
I have one more post to get caught up on and that will take me through this week!  Please me looking for that soon... whew.  Will I have more time when hockey is done, or is this just a glimpse of a different kind of busy we will be as the boys get older?

Hope everyone had a magical holiday season and stayed warm!

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