Sunday, February 15, 2015

Meet the Mustangs Night

 The boys L.O.V.E Hockey.  They more than love hockey.  I was questioning when to start them and if both sessions would be too long.  But when they wake up every day begging to go to hockey, we know we made the right decision.  Ashton still sleeps with his hockey stick and they ask to go downstairs every night to shoot pucks.  

We DVR the Minnesota Wild so there is always a game at our finger tips.  One day Ashton stayed home with a fever and we watched the Minnesota Wild loose to the Blackhawks three times.  It was the same game each time and he was equally upset with each time they lost.  ;)

They know the Wild players by their numbers and faces.  What a great way to teach them numbers this winter!  We started out having to point out where each player was and now they know the numbers, names and faces so they can tell me where each player is.  The only thing they don't quite understand, is why Blais doesn't play with the Minnesota Wild.  He is a celebrity in their book.  WE go to the Varsity games to watch him, and the night the Mustangs joined the boys on the ice, they were in heaven.  I may have went overboard with the pictures, but that's the benefit of having everything digital and not having to process film!  We literally had two little boys in heaven, and they thought they were pretty special.  I also maybe took a lot of pictures because Adam was in Dallas and missed it ;)

 Blais and Mikko Koivu are both number 9.  We have two boys that argue who can be #9.  We have solved the dilemma with one being 9 and one being 6 (an upside down 9).  Lately though they have thrown number 11 into the mix... Zach Parise.
 The high school kids were so great with the littles.
 Action shot from up above.

 It has been so much fun watch their skating improve and see how much fun the have.
 We probably owe Blais a huge thank you for his one-on-one time with the boys.  As soon as they found him on the ice, there was no leaving his side.
 Doing some stick handling and "keep away"
 Chase played with the boys too.  Later that night as I was tucking Ashton into bed he said, "Blais and that number three guy were fun to play hockey with!"
Rest time, or Aiden is totally copying Blais.  ;)
Such a fun night, thanks for the high school girls and boys to stay late and skate with the kids who look up to you!
 After skating, that had a chance to get ask each player for their autographs with hot cocoa and cookies.
 They went to each player, but both needed Blais's autograph first!
Hockey has really made the winter go fast.  We can't believe there is three weeks left and then hopefully spring will arrive so we can get outside with our bats and gloves to play baseball!

Stay tuned this week for their belated Birthday Post.  I know I said that last week... where do the days go in the week?!?!?  I'll be caught up some year.  Or not.  

Happy Valentine's Day!  Adam and I snuck away to a Wild game with some friends, and no kids.  Our boys play hockey together so we all thought we were cheating on our kids!  It was a great night out, good company, Parise scored, and the WILD won.  I just told Ashton today that is where we went last night while they stayed at Nana's.  He didn't seem too disappointed, but he did say he wanted to go next time.  As I type this, we have already been to hockey practice, home for supper and they went to shoot pucks in the basement while I made supper, and now they went with Adam back to open skate.  And I thought about not starting them this year or thought both sessions would get too long for them?  I told you they L.O.V.E. it.

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