Sunday, February 22, 2015

Nationals Dance

 The story of my life - from hockey to dance.  I am not complaining and I love watching both...

We played hockey in Chippewa the first weekend of February.  It was a fun tournament with a couple different game times so we had the chance to hang with the team in between games.

Lunch time!
We like seeing Finn at hockey!  Even though he lives right across the street, we aren't outside much... too cold!  Brrrrr......
 Molly was having fun with the boys.
 What did parents do before wi-fi, cell phones and hand held devices?!?!  I think I remember sitting at basketball tournaments braiding each other's hair and actually talking to my teammates.
 Molly the model.  Say "Cheese"
 Buddies - Caz and Ashton.
 Aiden was taking pictures of Molly.
 I have tons of hockey pictures this year.  They are all starting to look the same, but it is so much fun watching their skills, confidence, and speed increasing.
 3 on 3
 The Cardinal was there to hand out medals.  Aiden calls it "his badge."
 Ashton isn't the fondest of mascots, and he couldn't skate away fast enough.
 Pretty proud.
 Such great coaches, players, and families.
 We celebrated Valentine's in the past week.  The boys loved making a treat and handing out treats to their friends at Bonnie's and school.  Gramma and Grandpa had some special Valentine's in the mail.  Stickers and cars made their day.
 For Valentine's Nana had two special boys sleep over.  She had treats for them when they got there.  Aiden has always wanted a "clock".  Ashy likes his, even though it doesn't look like it.  He is goofy taking pictures lately.  He won't smile or look half the time.
 While the boys were at Nana's, Adam and I took in a Wild game with some friends.  Suzie and Tucker's son plays hockey with the boys and we felt like we were cheating on our children while enjoying a game.  The boys weren't too disappointed as we brought them home some new cups (empty beer cups) and the rosters.  ;)
 This past weekend was Mikayla's last curtain call on High School dance competitions.  It was a great weekend at the National Dance competition in Minneapolis.  On Friday, we had off school and Adam was able to swing his schedule so Nana and I could go up and watch Mikayla compete with her pom Friday evening.  
They took 6th place Pom.
It wasn't a super long day, so the boys came with on Saturday.  They were excited and the music and dancing kept them entertained.  Okay - the ipads, candy, snacks, music and dancing kept them entertained. 
 Saturday was the day for Hip Hop.
 Waiting for awards...
 2nd Place in Hip Hop!  They lost to Mexico who was there internationally.  Super excited and proud! 
 Way to go girls!  Stout took 1st at the college level.  Mikayla is most likely dancing there next year so that is exciting too!  I see us going to more stout activities.
 Two goofy little boys who L.O.V.E their cousin.
 Aiden was excited that Mikayla got a badge like him. ;)
 Lots of pictures for her graduation "Dance Board"
 The team is losing 12 Seniors out of 24 girls.  It's been fun to watch!
 While going through my phone, I found some keepers.  Ashton has figured out how to take a selfie.
 Our neighbor had a fundraiser at Cherry Berry so we had to go get a treat.  It was a super cold night after hockey practice, but it still was yummy!  The neighborhood kiddos can't wait for spring to see each other again!
 Last Thursday was "Bring a Friend to School Day."  Gramma surprised the boys with a special visit.  I was able to pop in for about 10 minutes too.  So much fun! 
 Thursday night we watched Blais play his last game of the season with the high school team.  They lost their first playoff game which was a bummer.  This past weekend the boys were playing in the basement and I heard them pretending to be Parise and Koivu (Wild) and then in the same game they were pretending to be Blais and Brigs.  I wonder if Blais and Brigs know who they are being compared to?  ;)  "And Parise Scores... And Blais scores... Hey Parise pass it to me, okay Brigs." 
 Aiden is my non-weekend-napper.  I am totally fine having no naps, but it's hard staying quiet and low key while one naps and one doesn't.  Movie and chip time in Mom and Dad's bed! "Rest time"
I know... I know... I know.  Birthday post.  Pictures are ready, I just need to find a creative bone to put it all together, reflect on our year, and talk about what our 4-year olds are up to.  I will.  I promise.  Soon. Very soon.

Think spring!  Think March.  Paint flowers in the snow (right Laura!)

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