Sunday, September 21, 2014

F is This Week's Letter

As I downloaded the camera this week, I realized that today was the only day I took pictures of the boys.  This was a busy week for us and I guess I didn't grab the camera until today!

This week's letter is F.

We attended a funeral for my Grandpa Roy (my mom's dad).  We picked up the boys at noon from Bonnie's on Friday to head to Augusta for the memorial service.  The boys had the chance to meet him a couple different times in the past years while we visited him in the nursing home.  He will be missed, however we all agree he is in a better place as we hated seeing him at the nursing home for the last 8 years and he wasn't too happy there either.

Friday evening we had plans to go to my assistant Principal's home for a staff get together.  While at the funeral, Aiden complained that his belly hurt and he came down with a fever.  So while Ashton still wanted to play with some friends, Adam stayed home with Aiden.  We had fun, but Ashton was more worried about bringing his brother home a Popsicle after a hour or two.

Saturday it was Ashton's turn with a fever.  While I golfed with some friends for the UW Stout Hockey fundraiser, the boys hung with Nana.  It turned out to be a beautiful day to be outside with 3 good friends!  Playing best ball, the team managed to use my ball three times, which is more than I thought they would use ;)

Today we enjoyed the fall weather and played in the leaves that have began to fall off our trees.
Burying each other.
 Running and jumping in!
 This is just the beginning of the leave piles in the back yard...
 They chased each other and threw the leaves after dad raked them all into a pile.
We missed Sunday School today because of the recent fevers.  Last week, they made themselves at Sunday School.  I can't possibly keep all the art projects they make, so in attempt to take pictures of what they make and make an art book, I share their pictures below.
 Aiden takes a little more time coloring and adding more details in his work.  Ashton doesn't have the patience or interest to sit that long. ;)

I can't believe this next week is the last of September!  Maybe we'll find time to go to an apple orchard before the season is over!
~The Wamboldt's

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