Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday School

 Yes, it's football season again.  The least favorite sport I enjoy watching the boys try to play.  I try telling them that they are way too young for tackle, but they don't listen.  I can't stand them tackling all.the.time!  Helmets help but they don't protect everything.
 Thursday we had some neighbors over for the game and we didn't quite have enough football helmets.  Finn's hockey helmet did the job ;) These three really look forward to seeing each other all week!
 Friday morning Adam told me that if anyone asks, "The boys picked out their own outfit."  I don't think it's that bad, plus they solved the problem of both wanting to wear the same socks!
*I include the whole roll of film used to capture their socks.  The story of our life... trying to get one decent picture of both!  Good thing we don't have to develop film anymore...
 Thanks for one decent shot!
 Friday night we were off to the football game to cheer on the team and watch Mikayla dance at halftime.
 Notice the socks again... problem solving!
 This train set gets played with now more since we took it off the train table.  The boys will build a track running the length of the house!
 It was a sweet surprise to see the boys' friend Jaxon at the game!!!  They sat so nice by him.  We didn't know that he was playing with the Little punters at half time too!  Next year we will be able to do it.
Ashton (3), Aiden (3), and Jaxon (4)
 Mikayla and her team dance at one football game each year, but then their real season starts in October/November.  It's her senior year and she is one of the captains.  Of course we are so proud of her!
 Mikayla is front left.
 Next up it was time to cheer for Jaxon!
 So glad he wore red pants so we could scope him out and keep an eye on him amongst all the "Little Punters".  So cool that the varsity team puts in the time to work with the little guys and gals!
 After the game, and since Jaxon was on the field, the boys were begging to go run.  They were great at the game, so ran we did!  First things first, get attention from the girls!  Two future babysitters ;)
 Aiden in the 3-point stance.
 Ready, set, go!
Or is it Down, Set, Hut!
 On the "W" of "UW-Stout" for "Wamboldt."
 Aiden wanted in on the big boys tackling so bad!
No Thanks!
 Saturday morning we were inventive.  We found a way to eat cereal AND watch Princess Sofia.  Saturday mornings can be special right?
 Saturday Morning I went to watch some of my 8th grade students play their first games of tackle football.  The way they boys are always tackling, I thought I would go by myself while Nana too the boys to "The Walk for Paws".  It's a dog festival for the local Humane Society. 
Uncle Nate, Charley and Aunt Katie.  
 No way could we take Izzie and have her be okay with all the other dogs around her!
We had two goof balls having fun with the photo booth...
 Then four goof balls once I met them there after the football games!
 Gramma and Grampa were in town so after the Walk for Paws we headed to Eau Claire to have dinner and play with Elle and Elise!
All lined up and ready to race!  I will say it again - Elise is one step behind the big kids, but two years ahead of herself!
 Ready, set, GO!
 Elise was the best.  She was ready and she stepped on it with the rest of the kiddos, but she doesn't know how to steer... so as the others went around the house, she headed towards the back field!
 Such a cutie!
 Standing and driving.
 Ashton and Elle were taking the racing pretty seriously!
 Today was the boys' first day of Sunday School.  They are old enough to be in a class instead of the nursery.  They were pretty proud to be at "their" school, we know some other families in the class, and they thought it was pretty cool seeing their preschool teacher at church!  They made their name tags for the bulletin board and when they had to choose a marker that was their favorite color, you will never guess what they chose.
Ashton - Blue
Aiden - Green
That continues to be one of the rare occasions they are willing to be different.
We had a nice afternoon with Gramma and Grampa joining us for lunch and playing in the yard!
We have a busy week ahead of us...
I am trying to prepare myself for the first week (5 full days) of a regular school schedule!  I also start coaching volleyball again this week after a 3 year break.
The boys are also excited to start their routine with school starting this week for them as well.  
Football is here, the cooler weather is coming, and I bough some Hallowine and Octoberfest beer this weekend.  Ahhhh.
Happy Fall - Now I just need to decorate the house to look like fall!

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