Monday, September 1, 2014

A Little Slice of Heaven

 The days are getting shorter (literally), the air is getting cooler, we are moving from baseball season to football season, and we are back to school this week.  Where did our summer break go?  If you ask Nana, she isn't only talking about Halloween approaching... she is reminding us how close we are to Christmas (4 months)!  
I look forward to the fall.  The fall is one of my favorite seasons with football, the cooler weather, apple orchards, fall festivals, pumpkin patches, and the colors.  Fall also means back to school which I really don't dread!  I get excited.  I was thinking to myself last week that I love what I do (even after 10 years), the families and students I get to work with, and I miss seeing the staff in the summer.  I'm not going to lie that I am ready for our schedule to change also.  the boys are excited to be back at Bonnie's and start in the 3/4 room at preschool twice a week.  The one thing that I am dreading?  Having to wear actual clothes besides sports clothes, sweats, and yoga pants and packing a lunch every day. 

I know I have been behind with the blog... believe me I know.  We have been busy and trying to cram a lot of fun activities in the last couple weeks!

We met Missy and the girls at Irvine Park one day for a picnic and playtime.  As usual, before leaving the house I told the boys to go choose a hat.  They both came running out of their rooms with their "cowboy hats on like Uncle Steve!"  They were so excited and styling... 99% of the time they choose their blue brewer hats.  I either should get them a real Cowboy hat or see if Uncle Steve would wear a fedora! ;)
 Standing over the river made me nervous.  I kept telling them I was NOT jumping in for a fallen hat!
 Elise tries to keep up with the others so bad!  It is fun to watch her.  She is usually one step behind the big kids and two years ahead of her age.
 See... one step behind getting turned around.  By the time she turned for the picture, the bigs were off and running to the donkey.
 I would like this barn, tree and horse in my yard ;)
 You HAVE to sit on the bears for a picture!

 Ashton took his hat on throughout the day... Aiden was rocking it the whole time.  I do have to say, we got a lot of compliments and he was a pretty well dressed kiddo on the playground.
 It goes with their sport clothes right?
 The last week the water park was open we went four times!!!  They definitely are truck boys.  Even at the pool.
 A week in August, we joined some friends at a cabin on Long Lake.  Long Lake is Adam's heaven.  What more could we have asked for besides a pontoon, some fishing, the water, some drinks, good food, family, friends, and Brigs.  Some nicer weather would have been great, but we still weren't complaining.
 Brigs's family couldn't make it, but it was a blast having him there with us!  The boys were his shadow.
 Snacks on the boat.  That's the best part!  *The HUGE tub of cheese balls is from Grama and Grampa from Door County! 
 Captain Reese and Nate.
 Aiden liked driving too!
 We stopped by the "Sunday Funday" sandbar a couple times.
 Everyone smile!
 Keep eating the cheese balls because they are not coming home with us!
 Not sure who freaked out more... Brooke or Brigs.  This picture doesn't do the size of this spider justice!  It's body had to be the size of a quarter?!?!
 Hudsen loved the water!
 The water squirters came out.  Watch out!
 We were practicing floating in the life jackets and trusting them to hold the boys.  How did we do this?
  Brigs helped.  What brigs does, the boys will do.  ;)
 Bedtime.  Exhausted.  A little Frozen and they were out.

 Even the big people had some fun in the water and on the paddle board.
 Nate and Brigs had daily fishing contests off the dock.

 By the look on his face, I think Brigs won.
 You can be excited, but when I take your picture... DON'T SMILE.
 The boys liked fishing too.  The tiny fish would bite as soon as the pole hook and worm were in the water.  They touched the fish and threw them back until Aiden got spiked by a fin.
 Adam paddle boarding.
 Sucking in his gut for pictures ;)
 Brigs caught on fast!

 A lot of time spent on the pontoon because it kept the kids fenced in ;)
 Plus, we like boating and looking at all the cabins.  Nate, Brooke, and Adam were shopping ;)
 This is the place I would want.  One lonely house all by itself on a tiny island.  
* Except for during a storm.
 It wouldn't be a day that ends with a "y" if we didn't play baseball.  They weren't too excited to play in the water because it slowed them down.
 Brigs fished most of the trip...
 Brooke and I took advantage of the "kids in the water with heir dads" time and had some wine.
 Sweet kisses...
 The three goof balls.  I tried my hardest to get a good picture.  They were chewing on fruit snacks and Brigs was giving the bunny ears in the background.
 Driving with daddy.  Aiden liked making it go FAST!
 So Nate could relax with Reese!
 Daddy was really brave and paddle boarded with both boys.  They went out quite a ways and Brooke and I had the same thought at the same time... what if they tip.  The boys will freak out and how will Adam get them both back on the board as all three are flailing in the water?!?!
 Be careful!
   They got dropped off on the trampoline.
 Then made it back safe.  Whew!
 Brigs going for another spin.
 The 4th Sunday in August is always the Benson/Gilbert Family reunion.  For some reason it is always hot, muggy, and miserable.  We played baseball, ate, played at the park, and then hit the water park for the last day it was open!
 Above is Harper.  We have had pictures of him before on the blog.  His mom, Cindy, is a friend of mine and also my cousin!
 Monkey see... Monkey do.

 It's not too often that you get to use truck plates, truck forks, and eat supper on the front porch while watching a bulldozer work by your house!
 We are clearing the lot next door that we bought in the spring.  Adam seems to want to mow more grass and the boys think it's their baseball field... "The Sandlot".
 We went to the home opener for the Mustangs Football Season.  They ate treats, sat and watched the game a little more than last year, and asked questions.  Bring on the tackling season at home. NOT.
 Last Thursday night we had Open House Night at the boys' preschool.  We saw their teachers again (same as last year, but now in the 3/4 room instead of the 2).  They were super excited and kept asking "Why are you staying" and "When are you leaving?"  We dropped off their supplies and are ready to start next Tuesday, the 9th.
 We rode the trains this past weekend at Carson Park.  Always a fun time.  We met The Rueber's there and invited Finn, Molly, Bethanne, and Mike too!
 Aunt Missy was brave taking on 4 kiddos in one car by herself!
 They're off!
 Molly is walking and on a mission! 
 Waiting for the next train.
 They insisted on sitting all together.
 Everyone Smile!
 After the train and lunch at McDonalds, we stopped by the Rueber's for a push up... Yum!
 New this week... Sleeping "like Daddy".  
The boys have refused to put on the pajama shirts because they want to sleep like daddy.  Tonight when Adam was tucking Ashton in, he made him take off his shirt. 
Too Cute. 
Thanks for checking in and continuing to check in looking for a new post!  I continue to try for Sunday night posts, and maybe with earlier bedtimes that can happen.  Maybe.  ;)

Happy back to school for all kiddos, parents, and teacher/professor friends. 

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