Sunday, October 5, 2014

Elise Turns T-W-O!

 Today Aiden said to us: "Mom, I'm glad it was Elise's birthday party.  It was a GREAT party!"  I asked what his favorite part was and he said, "the presents."  Ashton added, "the presents, the cake AND the ice cream!"  We had a great time celebrating a special little two year old this past weekend!  Elise will officially turn two this Thursday, October 9th.

This cupcake cake was 20% frosting... Yum!
 Balloons... all important parts for a PARTY!
 We played a little, and even the boys are all boys... they do enjoy playing with the doll houses and castles ;)
 Some yummy food!
 Cousins celebrating the littlest.
 Elise thinks she's turning 5... everyone is is showing T-W-O!
 She's got it, trying to fix it... darn fingers not cooperating!
 She's independent, sweet, sassy, spicy, and so lovable!  For a minute I thought I was describing a chicken wing...
 Happy Birthday Elise!  That present is bigger than you.
 Ready to open...

 Instead of opening, Elise would rather take pictures.
 We are so lucky to have so many caring adults in the kids' lives.  Papa Coach is a pretty special guy!
 Elise wasn't so sure about the clothes, but she sure will be the most adorable two year old on the block.  A baby doll to call her own, some bath time fun, a place to cook, and Frozen books, puzzles, and games will keep her busy!

 Opening the BIG present... the bigs were super patient!
 After presents it was time for cake and ice-cream!
 She had many attempts... again... again... again!
 Last time!
 We were so lucky to be able to celebrate with Gramma on her birthday too!  She's just a little older than Elise ;)
 After singing to Elise, we sang to Gramma.
 She was okay with getting help opening her gifts.  ;)
 Now on a sugar high and ice cream fix, it was time to settle in and play.  The boys liked Elise's Frozen books she got.
 They also took some time to cook up so good eats with her new kitchen (if only they would play with the one we have at home)!
 Snuggle Time.
 Everyone found a snuggle buddy!
 Today we took advantage of Gramma and Grampa still being in town and visited the pumpkin patch.
Brrrr.... bundle up!
 Ashton wanted to jump all day.
 It was a bit chilly, but that didn't slow anyone down!
 Don't get lost Aiden, because you better believe that I WILL NOT be going in after you.  That has claustrophobia written all over it.
 Finding their way through.
 A special time with daddy.
 Ashton had fun feeding the animals. 
 Checking in with all his homies.
 Pretty Brave!
 Yee-Haw... Ride em' Cowboy.
Ashton said to me last night, "Mom, when we go to the pumpkin patch you can take lots of pictures?"
*I didn't blog last week because of zero pictures on the camera and the stomach flu wiping out our family.  All-through-the-week...
I do wonder if I will ever feel okay setting the camera down and enjoying the moment - not looking through a lens?!?!

 Brothers... not really giving me nice smiles. 
 Watching the pumpkin launcher.
 Love them to pieces... goofy boys.
 Missy and Elise were bouncing on a horse and Elise LOVED it.  
Again... Again... Again
 The kids sure did feed the deer enough apples today with the apple launchers.  Uncle Dave had one ricochet and he took one right in the chest.  That made everyone a little gun shy the rest of the time!  Ouch!
 The boys got to press the button for the pumpkin launcher.
 These four have so much fun together. 
 A pretty sad mouse...
 A spooky mummy...
 A princess...
 and another princess!
 Fishing.  Aiden was trying to catch dinner.
 A funny sign that was hanging... I actually like shopping with Adam so I don't need to explain all the purchases when I get home.  He can't complain if he is a active participant!
 We ended the day with a wagon ride.
 Right up front.  Not missing a beat.
 Love.  A busy day after a birthday party.  I bet she napped well!
 We were able to leave the pumpkin patch without buying a pumpkin.  They are too expensive there... we do need to get some this week though!
 In other news this week... we are in FULL hockey mode.  
They are signed up to start in a week and a half and cannot wait.
Who doesn't play hockey in their undies before bath time?
 I think Adam has had more fun shopping for their gear...
 but we do have two pretty excited little boys.  So excited that last Friday they chose to stay home with Nana to watch Might Ducks than go to the football game with us.  Sitting on the couch, in their hockey gear, watching Might Ducks, Might Ducks 2, and did you know they even make a Might Ducks 3?  Aiden found it on Netflix.
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