Sunday, October 12, 2014

Homecoming and HOCKEY!!!

 Let's get right to it!  
There were two things the boys were REALLY looking forward to this week...
The Homecoming Parade and HOCKEY!
Another thing they watched this week, was the dump trucks.  We have been waiting since April to have the lot filled next door that we bought and s.l.o.w.l.y but surely it is getting done.  They boys love having a front row seat to the action.  They pulled up their chairs in Ashton's room one day...
 and stood in the kitchen windows the next day.
 On this day, they were REALLY close to the action.  Look closely and you will see two little boys standing fearlessly by the dirt pile!
 Friday was the homecoming parade.  We had two little boys counting down "sleeps".  Not sure if it's the joy of the parade or the candy thrown at them...
 Looking for the firetruck to start the parade.
 Here it comes!
 A celebrity to the boys is Spirit the Mascot.
 keeping our eyes open for Mikayla! 
 Only a parade in Menomonie would have this many tractors. Never-the-less the boys were happy!
 Some of the "Candy Crew" scrambling for the goods being thrown at them. 
 After the parade we at at Ted's Pizza (Teddies) and then headed to the game.  When we first arrived Ashton was pretty excited to see the 'Sconsin Badgers playing (Chippewa was red, white and black).  If Ashton though he was watching the Badgers and we didn't have to drive to Madison OR score a ticket to the game, he can think whatever he wants.  Any high school in the area green and gold?  He could think he's at a Packer game too!  The boys stayed until half time and then headed home with Nana.  Menomonie won against Chippewa as the night turned chilly! 
 On Saturday as Adam and I headed to Rice Lake for a wedding, Nana and the boys went to the park and to take some pictures with Mikayla.
Mikayla and Brenden.  Brenden was in my CARES as a 6th grader... so fun to see them dressed up for a night of fun!
 These two little boys Love Kayla.
Pictures were taken at Wakanda, and the boys wanted Nana to find some sticks so they could fish.  They had to settle looking at ducks instead.
 Photo-bomber Ashton.
 Mikayla and my Favorite Brother - Nate.
 The Larsen Family.
 The Larsen's plus Brenden.  Cute!
 Since we have bought our hockey gear, the boys have had it on daily.  We have probably watched Mighty Ducks daily as well.
 Today finally marked the first official day of hockey practice.  The boys now say that they are "real hockey players."
 Finn, Aiden and Ashton getting ready to get their gear on!
 I couldn't wuite tell who was more excited... Adam or the boys!
 Thumbs up Finn!
 So cute.  All the tiny hockey players.
 Dads and Sons.
 37 kiddos ready to hit the ice for the very first time.
 We were on the pond a bit last year, but I think they had no idea what to expect stepping onto the ice!

 All the other kids had black helmets.  Since we got ours last year, we have white and it was perfect.  We could always spot the boys with their white helmets. 

 Ready to hit the ice!
 I hope this works... Adam took some video and it's amazing just how much they improved over the hour of the first practice.  Just look for the WHITE HELMETS ;)

 Aiden stepped out on the ice, stood there and fell.  We talked a lot today about not crying and just laughing when they fell because everyone was going to be falling a lot!
 The coaches were great.
 Ashton did well standing.  He said his favorite part was walking from the locker room to the ice.  Not so much being on the ice... but the good news is he is looking forward to the next practice!
 Aiden had a blast.  I was surprised how sweaty both were after a hour of skating/falling/army crawling on the ice.

 The coaches didn't really help them up, as they are trying to teach them how to get up themselves.  There were some tears of frustration and a lot of kiddos looking for mommy and daddy!
 The skate trainer and the nets saved the day for most to stay on their feet.

 It was comical at times watching the struggles and the kids flopping all over the ice.
The boys thought it was WAY COOL that Brigs and Blais came to watch and cheer them on!
 Aiden found a friend to skate with.

After practice, the boys wanted to watch the "big boys" skate and watch the Zamboni.
It was a great first practice!  The boys have been really excited for many weeks now so naturally Adam and I were nervous to see if they would really like it, be nervous, or not want to do it.
We put two tired little boys to bed tonight at 7:30 telling us they were "real hockey players now" and we have to go watch Brigs and Blais play because they came to watch them.
Love it.  
Love our friends and family and the many new friends and families we will meet through the hockey program.

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