Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Break 2013

This will be a short blog, sharing mostly pictures of our trip to Mexico.  I found that I don't care to take many pictures, unless I am taking them of two little boys.  It is easier taking pictures with people in them!  Adam and I left the boys at home with Nana for the week while we got some much needed rest and relaxation with Adam's business partners, Char and Gerry. 
The boys were pretty lucky to be able to spend the entire week at our house with Nana and Kayla!  They had some fun nights planned - they hosted a couple dinner dates with Nana.  The Glenwood "Ladies" came over on Wednesday night and Nana's friend Donna came to play with them on Thursday night.  That's all we heard about when we would facetime each day... "Ladies are coming!" 
We returned to the Secrets Capri Resort in the Riviera Maya.  We have tried a couple different resorts and this is one that we had gone to three years ago.  We were looking for something a bit smaller than where we tried last year.  Breakfast everyday on the patio...
 Where we spent most of our days.  OK - ALL of our days.

 Our room was right off the pool, which was nice!
 Mojitos... Yummmm.
 The ocean view from our room and the pool.
 We are spoiled by the beaches in Jamaica and Cayman islands, so we didn't spend much time at this beach. Don't get me wrong it was still VERY NICE!  Better than the snow banks around here.

 Staying connected... reading a couple emails, but mostly just relaxing!  The best part of each day was facetiming with the boys.
 We showed the boys our daily visitor and they thought it was a meerkat.  We are not for sure what it was, but we were told they are native to Cozumel Island and were once on the endangered list.  It was a cross between a raccoon, a monkey and an ant eater... A Kodais?  Not sure how to spell it.
 Off to dinner with Adam's HUGE beer from the fridge ;)
 A couple nights, they brought the markets to us... right at the resort.
 Our last night.

 All Inclusive, amazing food and drinks = weight gain!!!  I didn't want to be taking pictures of all the food ans presentation, but these desserts were pretty cool.  The flowers are chocolate drizzles.
 See.  Adam even put his finger through it so we wouldn't think it was a painted plate ;)
 Business Partners.  Last dinner before heading back to reality, the cold, and back to work on Monday.
The all adult vacation is always nice, but we sure do miss the boys!  We can't wait to have them in the pool, and on the beaches with us.  We went snorkeling one afternoon and both agreed how much we can't wait to take the boys.  They would think all the fish would be pretty cool!  Maybe we need to take two vacations each year... one for the adults and one for the families  ;)
Think Spring!  It is just about here... 

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