Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter and Animals!

Two reasons that I didn't blog last week.  First was that I was exhausted from a busy weekend, and the second was that I thought there wasn't really much to blog about.  Well Duh!  It was Easter and my Birthday weekend, and I did not realize that I had so much to blog about until I downloaded the pictures from this weekend too.  So, many pictures to get through and not much talking about each one. 
I'll start with some randoms of the two goofballs.  Aiden's new thing is needing "Shines" when we are in the car now and if I am wearing mine.  "Sunshine Mama... Grasses Please!"  I have many pictures on my phone from the little cutie while we are in the car... but one night he insisted he wear them into the house, and through dinner time!  Another obsession of theirs - School Buses.  It's the only way to get them in the car - to look for school buses on the road!

 The boys are spending more and more time downstairs to burn off some energy (since we cannot play outside in our yard) ;( 
Aiden is a little trick rider on his firetruck.  "Standing Mom!"

 On Thursday night I had my first 'Party'.  I had some ladies over to have some snacks, drinks, and get new totes for the summer through '31'.  The kids enjoyed the chocolate covered strawberries!
 Friday was my birthday.  It fell on Good Friday this year so we didn't have school.  I spent the day with the boys.  They took me to McDonald's for breakfast (their choice) and then we went to the Menomonie's Public Library.  That place is Menomonie's best kept secret for little ones!  They do story time daily, with music and a sensory activity, they have puzzles, a Lego table, and a play kitchen and TONS of puppets you can check out.  The boys are in heaven when they get to pick out a movie too!  The popular ones the last couple weeks have been Thomas the Train and Babe.  When daddy got home from work, we opened some presents and h\ad supper and cake. 
 I will not have to open any of my own presents or blow out my own candles for many years now!

 Daddy and the boys got me a couple pieces of clothes!  I may or may not otherwise ever treat myself ;)
 Birthday hugs from my two little boys. 

 33 candles... gave off quite a bit of heat! 

 On Saturday Nana and Debbie came over to dye Easter Eggs with the boys, while I went and played Alumni Volleyball.  I came home to the eggs all dyed and the mess all cleaned up... PERFECT!

 Aiden was so proud.  Ashton - not so much.  It's tough getting pictures of Ashton right now... you'll notice more of Aiden even in this post.
 On Easter Sunday we went to Eau Claire and joined Gramma, Grampa and the Rueber's at their church.  First we had to wake up and find Easter Baskets left by the Easter bunny!  No pictures though... Mama was too tired and we were a little rushed.  We are lucky the Easter Bunny was able to come at all - for we had someone up every 30 minutes through the night.  The boys were getting a little cold and were stuffy.  The bunny brought the boys a BASKETBALL HOOP that they L.O.V.E!  We have been shooting hoops any chance we can get.  "Dribble Dribble Shoot!  We are even having fun watching some March Madness on TV. 
I caught this after the service.  We didn't even tell them to hold hands!  Cousins are the best of Friends...

 All the SpRiNg flowers were beautiful!

 Now add Elise and 1...2...3  Hurry and take a picture!

 Two Pretty little Girls in their Easter Dresses.
 Gramma and Grampa.  Doesn't Gramma looking A.M.A.Z.I.N.G?!?!  Grampa looks pretty good too ;)

 The yogurt just moves around the house... I don't like it on the furniture so it moved into their rooms...

 This past Saturday we met Aunt Missy and the Girls at the mall for some play time. 

 We are not pushing any potty training (the goal is this summer) but on Saturday night when the boys wanted their clothes and diaper off I said it was either underwear time or bath time.  They choose underwear and both went in the potty before they put them on.  They get a sticker for going in the potty.  We got two stickers for the night, but also went through 5 pairs of undies between the two of them.  Hey - it's a start!
*I love those little undie butts!

We bought patio furniture two and a half years ago... Daddy finally brought it home from Sears and put it together.  He had two of the BEST little helpers too! 

 Now that is a stance for drilling and look at that concentration ;)

 Today we went to Govin's Farm to the Lambing Barn.  The boys LOVE animals, but Ashton isn't too sure of real live animals... his favorite were the Chicks.

 Be gentle... don't squeeze it's head off!

 Sheep and lambs, some were just hours old.

 They got to hold a baby goat... some of this Ashton and Aiden get to do daily at Daycare!

 He was nibbling on Elle's coat...

 This year there were baby pigs.  I don't know which was worse... Last year the mama was going to give birth and looked miserable.  This year the mama looked miserable with tons of little babies running around and sucking on her!
 Lot's of "Little Babes" here to look at!
 We even got to hold one.
 Back to the Chicks... The only animal Ashton wasn't afraid of. ;)
 Whenever Aiden sees horses, he asks to ride.  I was thinking he would chicken out... but NOPE!  He was brave and LOVED it!!!

 Elle Rode too.  Maybe her Daddy needs to buy her a pony!

 This is as close as Ashton got.  When Aiden was all done and the line was super long - then Ashton wanted to.  "My turn!"  Maybe next year buddy...

 We ended the day with a hot dog lunch in the shed.  This is where the big sheep dogs were resting.  The rest all day and protect the sheep at night.  They are HUGE!
 Aiden and Elle were pretty curious but didn't want to get too close :)
Spring has Sprung... Maybe if I have time this week I will upload a video of the boys playing in the mud pit our driveway this past week.  Let the mudding and laundry begin!
One new quote from the week... When we say it's bedtime or time to brush their teeth or get dressed, they say "One more minute mom/dad."  Then the next night Ashton said. "Two more minutes."  They are getting too old and sassy already!  Another milestone just this week, they are able to point to objects and count them up to 5 or 10 (depending on the day and their effort).  We have signed them up for gymnastics starting in June and 2 year old preschool through our church starting this fall twice a week.  I dread the day of signing them up for Kindergarten...
Happy Spring.
~The Wambolt's

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