Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sea Life

Another week of 'Spring'... another week of finding things to do IN-DOORS.  I am usually not one to complain about the weather, but this is getting a bit annoying... snow and not a day yet that has reached 50 degrees and it is April 21st.  We can all feel it, especially the boys.  We are all itching to get outside even if we do live in a mud pit.
I will start taking you back to two weekends ago... I feel behind and guilty when the blog doesn't get done, but last Sunday I wanted to just sit with my husband and watch a movie.  Yep, watch a whole movie - uninterrupted and not multi-tasking. 
We are still trying to find things to do that does not depend on the weather being nice... so we invited Elle, Elise, Missy, and Dave to go with us to Sea Life at the Mall of America.  It was fun to see the boys interact with their surroundings and I thought they would like it since they love the little fish aquarium at the Children's Museum.  For the most part they liked it and still talk about it, although there were parts that they would get nervous.  One of those parts being the sharks and 'BIG FISH" swimming over our heads and sneaking up behind us!  It was a little unsettling for me! ;)  Not many pictures as I got a couple good ones and then was told to shut off my flash.  There goes all good pictures!  Ooopps.
 We saw sting rays and we even were there for feeding time.

 These HUGE Eels get fed every other day and need to be coerced out for their food.  They were huge, and not so cute looking.
 Elle and Dave were brave and went to a look-out over the sting ray exhibit.
 The Jelly Fish were pretty cool, even though this picture is blurry.
 The boys were pretty brave going into the tunnel... until a HUGE SHARK swam overhead and you could see it's teeth.  I should have known, the shark scares Aiden in Finding Nemo (the movie).
 They liked the 'baby fish' and turtles.  Although if you ask them now what their favorite was, they will tell you "the sharks!"
 What are Daddy and Aiden looking at?
 Maybe this crocodile that was 'standing'.
 I love this next picture.  Elle is screaming in fear (acting) and it looks like she really scared the boys to run away...  That or is is still impossible to keep the three of them in the same frame for more than a second.
 After Sea Life, we went upstairs to the Cafe Court to eat.  While waiting for our food, the boys spotted the rides in the center of the mall.

 Then they spotted LEGO Land.  We agreed that if they ate their lunch well, we would go check out LEGO Land.
 Aiden also wanted to break into a ride...  Sorry buddy - too short for the swings.
 Sneaky little child.
 "But mom, I want tooooooo"
 Building some towers and houses outside of Lego Land.

 This past weekend, Adam's parents came for a short visit and the boys love visiting Elle's house to play with all her toys!  We took advantage of the weather.  That meaning, it was above 30 and NOT SNOWING!  A couple trips up and down the street and it was time to eat.
 We tried bikes, trikes, scooters, cars, and strollers.

 Ashton - It's easier to ride than it is to carry.
 Elle wanted to push Aiden, but then she hoped in with him.  They are the best of friends and can fight like brother and sister...
 LOVE this next picture.  Elle is beautiful and Aiden has a little smirk on his face peeking out of his sweatshirt.

 I think we may have to get the boys some bikes soon... They didn't get the hang of it, but Aiden sure tried and Elle was great about sharing her bike with her cousins.

 Dad's definition of multi-tasking.
 Ashton's definition of multi-tasking... bouncing on the ball AND playing with the animals.
It is so much fun heading to The Rueber's house to visit, play with some different toys, and seeing Gramma and Grampa is a bonus too!
On Saturday morning Missy and I ran the Puddle Jump 5k in Eau Claire.  This is a fundraiser for an elementary school in her district and it was a great turn out.  Missy and I are trying to run one race per month and maybe increase our times with each one... This is our second of the year and we were pretty proud of ourselves!  We ran the entire way (the first we ran/walked) and we both improved out times.  We both improved by 10+ minutes as well as a few others in the group!  Way to go Putnam Ladies.  It's a fun group, thanks for inviting me.
I don't know if it really can be - When Adam checked the weather it said we might hit 50 degrees this week... maybe even 60!!!!  We really need to get outside and we are looking forward to cleaning up the yard mud and getting a yard going.  We also need to get outside to meet our neighbors ;)
I will continue to say it - ThInK SpRiNg!

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