Sunday, March 10, 2013

Think Spring...

What to blog about this week!?!?  I don't remember what we do in the week until I download the pictures each week...
On Tuesday we had another S*N*O*W Day.  The boys had to help dad shovel!  Izzie even made it outside for a minute.

 Aiden tried to throw some snow off the porch and it ended up all back in his face!

 These two munchkins LOVE the snow, but I think it can go away now.  If we have anymore snow days, I won't have to make plans for the 4th of July... I'll be at work!  The only positive about the snow right now... it pushes off MUD season for now.  Ugh, I cannot even imagine what our 'yard' is going to look like this spring.

 What do you do with all the fresh snow in our yard?  Make SNOW ICE -CREAM!  I made this with some students way back when I was student teaching at Elk Mound.  We use a can of sweetened condensed milk and just mix fresh snow (no yellow snow) into the bowl until it is a good consistency and flavor.  You can't mess it up!  Another way to do it is with evaporated milk and 1/4 cup sugar.  It's a cheap, easy way to entertain the kiddos and enjoy a sweat treat.

 Mix in a little chocolate syrup and it's chocolate ice-cream!

 Friday night, we had some friends come and visit and have some Ted's Pizza.  Ashton shared his truck with Reese.

 We spent a lot of time in the unfinished basement... where all the toys are and the kiddos can RUN!
 The boys got a little table for Christmas from Nana, and we decided that we needed two more chairs for when Elle and Elise come and visit.  The boys were pretty excited to put them together.  They have to help dad with EVERYTHING he does!

 With 3 of the 4 chairs put together, Ashton picked a 'different' spot to sit.  ;)

 We can't wait for Elle (and the entire Rueber family) to visit next weekend.  Aiden is pretty worried about Elle sitting in HER chair.  *Last time she was here she had to sit on a bin of blocks.
 In the box, Ashton found a 'Couch' made of styrofoam... he doesn't fit on it so well. 
It is crazy with all the connections that they make!  As I was driving home from picking them up on Friday afternoon, I tried keeping track of all we talk about in the car:
~ We point out ALL the COLORS of the houses we pass.  They are accurate 90% of the time with their colors.  We still get yellow and green mixed up.
~We point out all the barns and whose side of the window it is on.  When I ask what is in the barn they say, "Sleeping cows... cows eating... and poop!"
~They boys LOVE it if they see buses.  'Kids riding on buses going home.'  Aiden even pointed out a 'baby one' (short bus).
~Daddy has taught them where the 'Poop Plant' is (the sewage plant we now drive by).
~Aiden will point out all the 'people doing' and 'mans running'.
~They look for tractors... 'Green John Deere' and 'Red Case ones'.
~Every time we cross the river, they ask to go swimming.  I say, "No, It's too cold!"  They then ask, "Daddy swim in the river?  Car swim in the river?"  I hope not!
Last but not least, On Saturday morning Missy and I ran the Shamrock Shuffle 5k in Eau Claire.  We Sham-rocked and Shuffled our way through the ice, slop, snow and rain.  I am waddling like a penguin today as my hips and legs are sore!  Once I get moving I am fine, but if I sit down I stiffen back up.  This was the first of the season with NO training.  Our goal is to improve our time with each race we run this spring and summer.  Thanks for including me in your group!
Counting down to M.E.X.I.C.O!!!! One more week before Spring Break.  Think SpRiNg...

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