Sunday, March 3, 2013


Has it really been Three weeks since we have moved into our new place?  Oh My!  Nope - no pictures of the place all decorated... I was on a mission today and have some things set for Adam to hang but that is as far as we got.  It is feeling more and more like home every day!  We had a ceremony last night as Adam drilled the first hole in the wall - to hang curtains in the boys' room... enough of Ashton waking up with the sun!!!!
What have we been doing the last two weeks?  Let's see...
We went to watch Mikayla dance one last time... Ashton was getting into the game.  He kept saying, "Dribble. Shoot. Run. Missed."
 Aiden just looks forward to the popcorn and the halftime show.
 The best part is after the halftime show, when Mikayla joins us in the stands.  The worst part, is when Mikayla leaves to go sit with her friends.  These two little boys LOVE her and watching her dance!  I taped her dances on my phone and they fight over my phone to watch "Kae-Da Dance."
 Something else they like watching...
 Some wildlife critters in the back yard.  Adam started to feed some birds, we have squirrels, and now deer.  A LOT of deer.  I am fine with that as long as we don't get raccoons, bears, or coyotes!
 These two little boys LOVE shovels.  "Sho-del"  Hopefully the snow is just about done for the year...
 I am not sure who is more giddy... the boys helping shovel or Daddy playing with his new snow-blower  ;)

 After all the hard work, time for a ride on the sled.  I think it's funny how Ashton is hanging onto Aiden's hood.  Like that will save him from tipping ;)
 THIS is what a hat will do to your hair:

 Saturday, February 28th we had a get together with all of our Little Friends.  This was the Second Annual Little's Party.  Caz turned two just before Ashton and Aiden, and Reese turned two just after the boys so we do a little party to get all the kids together.  This year Caz hosted a sledding party! 
 Shovels... maybe next year they will see how cool sledding is and not having to shovel.all.the.time!
 Caz was giving snowmobile rides, but it broke down before the boys could have a ride ;(
 How do you get a picture of some of the kiddos at the party?  Stick them in a snow bank!  That way they can't scatter as fast...

 Busted - eating snow.

 Ashton was shooting hoops all night.  He was actually making quite a few!
 The crew.  Notice some mommies (and daddies) holding the kiddos in the picture.  Maybe in 15 years, prom/homecoming pictures will be a bit easier to take.  Most all these kiddos will be in the same class or just a year apart while going to school at Menomonie.  I think we have some fun times ahead with all the families and our kids!

 The Dad's had a pretty comfy spot...
 Ashy still shooting hoops.
 Aiden borrowed Caz's Harley for a quick ride.
 Thanks for a great time!  Next year we host... Oh Boy!
Proof that the boys do get along sometimes and can share.  By choice they shared my phone AND they shared a chair.  They TOUCHED without tattling on each other...
 Proof that they didn't HAVE to sit by each other...

 It didn't last long, but I have proof.  ;)
 Started fighting quite the colds... Art projects one night it was.

 Speaking of colds... this was a pretty rough week for us.  I stayed home with Ashton on Monday, Adam stayed home with both on Tuesday, I had to get them early from day care on Wednesday, I stayed home with Aiden on Thursday, and Nana stayed home with them both on Friday.  Whew - We (including myself) are now on the mend after 5 days of fevers, a lot of coughing and snot.  It wiped these two out... they have NEVER been so sick that they laid on the couch for days and days. 
 Saturday we were going to have a get together at the house, but canceled because of being sick.  Debbie and Megan still came over to visit the boys and bring them their Birthday Presents. 
 They are spoiled!  Balls, blocks, Giraffes, and ELMO!
~Thanks Debbie and Megan.  The boys look forward to you two playing with them!

 So I found this next picture on the camera as I was downloading the pics for this week...  We obviously are making this new house feel like home!  Daddy lets the boys eat yogurt (by themselves) in the living room of our BRAND NEW HOUSE on our BRAND NEW FURNITURE.  We can't be afraid to live here, but maybe we can eat at one of the two tables in the dining room and keep our furniture clean for another week or two.  ;)
I cannot believe it is March... Are we really supposed to get 6-10 inches of snow this week?  Please, no.
Bring on Spring.  Bring on the MUD!

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