Sunday, February 17, 2013

Randomness with an ER Visit

Looking back on the last two weeks... the title fits this next post.  There is no theme or smooth way to tell the story from the last time I blogged, so here it is.  There are probably more pictures than there is words, but that's all people care about anyway! Right? 
We have officially moved in to the NEW HOUSE!  I thought this move would be a bit easier than the last time since we only lived at the rental for 4 months and didn't really 'unpack' much... but I think no move is ever easy.  Gramma and Grampa came to see the new place and help.  Gramma helped provide a place for Aiden to keep out of the way, and Grampa helped Daddy carry the heavy stuff ;)
 We ordered food our first night at the new house for all the 'helpers'.  Elle backed right up to Mikayla and found a friend! 

 The most exciting part of moving day... the BIG TRUCK that Daddy brought home form work.  The boys LOVE BIG TRUCKS!

 Leaving for work on the first Monday at our new house.  Adam is trying to bring the 'wildlife' into the back yard for the boys to see... we'll see how he feels about it when the deer are eating our bushes, flowers, and young trees!  :)
On Valentine's Day I got to to spend the day with these two little handsome Valentine's.  We had a snow day!  Nana and Mikayla came over later to spoil the boys.

 New animals, dinosaurs, and more blocks!

We capped off Valentine's Day at the emergency room with Aiden.  We have our routine of bath, get jammies on, pick up toys, have a yogurt, brush teeth, and head to bed.  We are still not for sure what happened because I was in the bathroom brushing Ashton's teeth, Adam was in the kitchen getting them milk, and Nana was putting some toys away when she say Aiden fall.  He didn't fall hard at all and at first Nana thought it was one of his 'fake falls' that I mentioned in a earlier post so she didn't think anything of it.  He got up and took two step and started crying.  This was a hard cry that was making him double over so I went to see what was going on.  He said his hand hurt and he wouldn't quit crying.  He turned pale and started sweating so I knew there was something wrong.  We waited about an hour and a half before heading into the emergency room.  My biggest worry... how do you know if they can wait until the morning for urgent care or take them to the emergency room?!?!  He wouldn't forget about it, he wouldn't stop holding his hand, and he wouldn't use his arm for anything, and he was crying/whimpering the entire time.  We even offered him some M&M's to see if he would reach for them with his hand... nope.  That is when we knew something was wrong.  We talked about letting the doctor check out his arm because he wouldn't let me touch it and he was one of the bravest little boys I had seen.  He was terrified of the doctor touching it and taking it out of his jammies he SCREAMED, but after 5 minutes the doctor said, "I got it."  I asked, "What did you get?" He then proceeded to tell me that his elbow was dislocated and he popped it back into place.  I am glad he told me that after it was done, or I would have had to leave the room as I get queasy with pain and trauma situations!  We had to wait around to see if he would use it but we couldn't really tell if he would because the exhausted little boys fell asleep withing minutes of his elbow being 'fixed'.  So we left the ER having to wait and see if he would use it the next day before they wanted to do any x-rays.  He woke up in the morning like nothing happened.  We have to be extra careful when picking him up and pulling on his arms as he is now more prone to it happening again but he is one tough little dude!  I hate to say it, but I am sure this is not the last of the emergency room visits for either of the boys...  they are fearless.
 Saturday was haircuts for the moppy heads.  They sit so well... with suckers ;)
(OOps, no picture of Ashton)
 Today we had some helpers come and help us move the last couple loads from our old place.  Missy and Dave came over without the girls and then Grandma Maureen and the girls joined us later in the afternoon to play and have supper.  Notice Elle sitting on the block bin... we need to get some more little chairs!
 Playing in the dusty basement...

 I feel like I never got the chance to sit and hold one baby without feeling guilty about not holding the other, so I enjoy these baby snuggles whenever I can!
Lastly, I will  leave you with a sneak peak of the two year old pictures we took this morning!!! Thank you Painted Iris Photography (Becky Richartz) for coming and spending some time with these two crazy little boys this morning!  Look at those eyes!
Aiden James
 Ashton Alan Walmart. 
*We are working on saying their full names and Ashton can't say 'Wamboldt' and it sounds like he says Walmart ;)
 One of my FAVORITES!
 Two monkeys jumping on the bed.  Would you have ever guessed Aiden hurt his arm?!?!  Still fearless.
Pictures to come soon of the house... although it will be a work in progress for quite awhile trying to get it all furnished and decorated... slowly...but...surely.
Thanks for checking in!
The A Team

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