Sunday, February 3, 2013

When we grow up?

 This week we had an unexpected family fun day.  On Tuesday we had school called off due to an "ice day" and this also happened to be on Adam's Daddy-Day-Care Day.  Izzie had a hair cut appointment in Eau Claire, so once we knew that the ice was melted and the roads were pretty much just wet, we loaded up to spend the afternoon in Eau Claire.  The Children's Museum is the prefect place to entertain the boys for a couple hours!  The boys play, play, and play!
I love this picture... Aiden PEEKING.

Hiding and Crawling...
 In the next couple pictures, the boys had the chance to try out many future occupations...
Dentist or Orthodontics.

Working at a grocery store.
Possibly working for Daddy at Sear's (unloading trucks).

Cooking at a Cafe.
Construction or Carpentry.
Daddy trying to be an electrician.
Even though we have one at home, Ashton still played with the train table for a long time!
After an hour upstairs, the boys kept saying "water, water, water..."  So down we went to the water.

How could you pass up the room with animals out on the table?

Aiden was so proud to have the animals lined up and "watching me."
While the boys were busy playing, Daddy started his own project.
Sticking with future jobs... Calling Dr. Aiden Wamboldt!  He does an excellent job doing nightly exams and he "listens to your ears."
Tuesday we got a special delivery from Amazon... Grampa sent the boys a new movie... Happy Feet!  We have watched it at least three times since. 
We watched the movie, while Daddy snuck out to go to a Minnesota Wild hockey game with Uncle Nate and some friends.  They had a great time!
Bright and early Saturday morning, we (Nana, Nate, Katie and I) traveled to La Crosse to watch Mikayla dance at the State Competition.  They didn't place in the top 5 but it was a great time, and fun to see all the teams compete.  Mikayla said it best today, "We may not have placed in the top 5 for an award but we are in the top 12 of the state still for Division 2 Pom."

Division 1 and 2 award time... so neat seeing all the girls on the floor!


While we went to La Crosse, my Aunt Debbie and Megan watched the boys.  I am sure the boys would have loved to watch Kae-da dance, but a full day is WAY TOO MUCH!  Ashton and Aiden also LOVE their days with Megan and Debbie.  So when we got home we had some other special visitors... Marcy, Brandon, and Josh!  Brandon and Josh (juniors in high school) are one of the other sets of twins in the family.  I am hoping someday to get a picture of all the twins in our family together (Chase and Alex live in Florida).  Ashton and Aiden are the third set in my generation and thay are ALL boys and ALL with due dates at the end of March/April.
The twins playing with the twins (it's weird to type that because I have never referred to my cousins or my boys as "the twins").

On Sunday Mikayla and Nana came over to hang so Adam and I could sneak out and go furniture shopping.  *I know... horrible weekend of me being a mommy ;)  I snuck out more than I was home.  I will say it IS NOT easy shopping for house stuff with the boys, especially furniture!
The boys got these shirts from Grandpa Rodney and Cindy for Christmas.  They loved that they have 'hammers' and tools on them!

We shared with you before that they boys got some new chairs from Gramma and Grampa... Someone else finds them pretty comfy too!
 HOUSE UPDATE:  JUST ABOUT D.O.N.E!  Finishing touches are happening this week.  Granite, carpet and trim was done last week, and appliances are in!  I cannot wait for the day that it is cleaned... cleaned... cleaned... and cleaned.  It is driving me BONKERS with all the dust on the beautiful floors, cabinets, windows and granite.
The kitchen.
Master Vanity.
My Barn Door.  Love it.
Yes, it's HUGE, but is proportionate when you are in the room and can feel the entire space.
We are set to start moving in next weekend!  Let the decorating begin...
~The A Team

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