Sunday, September 8, 2013

Wamboldt Wedding

This past weekend we traveled to the southern part of the state for a very important wedding!  Adam's cousin Jill married Al and we were very excited to join them on this special day.  We had been talking to the boys about "the wedding" and "the dance party" so they were more than looking forward to the day as well.  It was a perfect day for a outdoor wedding!
The stylin' dudes...

 The one and only picture I have of the bride!  Every touch of the day reflected Jill and Al to a tee and she looked beautiful.
 Look now, because their outfits were TRASHED by the end of the night.  Outside wedding + dirt + rocks + a little bit of rain earlier in the day = two DIRTY little boys who had a blast!  I am happy to say that after hours of scrubbing their clothes tonight, they can wear the outfits again for family pictures ;)

 We may have turned a corner in the last week or two.  They share and have started to have patience with each other while playing together.  Together is the key word in that statement.  They actually have started asking each other to play and they look out for each other.  Ashton got a cracker and he wanted to give one to Aiden too.
 Cousins swinging.  I put up all pictures because I like each expression in each shot of the different kiddos.  Plus you cannot have too many pictures of the kids on the blog!

 Some of the gang... they clean up pretty nice!
 Uncle Bill and Cathy put a lot of hard work into getting their barn ready, and it looked great!
 The bride rode up in Uncle Mike's retro car.  So cool!
 Daddy promised the boys a special drink... a Kiddy Cocktail.  They though they were pretty special.  We won;t tell them it had pop in it.
 They both had to sit it down and "stir" it...
 They kept calling it their "special juice".
 Bring out the GLOW STICKS for dancing!
 Daddy and Ashton checking out the "Rock-a-Billy Band".

 Aiden wasn't too sure about dancing right away...

 But Ashton and Elle weren't shy!
 Taylor and Chloe had the moves too.

 Ashton was having a BLAST dancing with everyone.  One of the best dancing partners?  

 We had two tired little boys but two boys who had a blast.  IT is another Wamboldt Wedding in the books.  Great food, great music, great people.  Great Family.

Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Eide!  
Your day was beautiful and special.  We don't see everyone enough.

Until next week, hope all the kidlets are enjoying the first couple weeks of school... I know I've been exhausted trying to get back into a routine ;)

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