Sunday, September 15, 2013

First Day of School

This week marked a milestone... The First Day of 'School'!  These two little boys are excited to start the "Time for Twos" program at our church.  They go Monday and Wednesday morning for two hours.  The first day, the parents stayed with them and the second day this past week Adam was to leave for an hour.  He felt bad they didn't even want to say 'bye'!  Aiden looked for him once and told us he cried, but other than that - they L.O.V.E.D it!  Every night as we put them to bed they ask, "Doing tomorrow?  School?"  
I wasn't able to be home for the first morning of school - looks like Daddy had two little cheese balls...

Holding hands... in certain situations they look for each other for comfort.  *Never mind the garbage behind them ;)

The second day of school, the were pretty impressed by the HUGE truck parked outside.  "When I'm big, I drive one of those!  My love it."
 Ashton Alan wants to be a football player when he "gets bigger".
 Aiden James wants to drive a big, huge excavator when he "gets bigger."  He then changed his answer once he heard his brothers... "Play football too!"  
Celebrating the first day of school with Dairy Queen after supper.

 The nights are getting too busy with getting home, trying to fit in dirt play time, supper, baths, and bedtime!
 Do you see all that green?  Yes, that is our front yard.  All of Adams hard work is paying off.  I don't think I have ever seen someone so excited to mow the lawn this past week!
 The boys are loving school - and loving wearing their backpacks!  They insisted they wear them to ride their 4 wheelers.
 "My going to school, be right back! Okay?"

 Break time up the road... riding 4 wheelers is tiring!

 Monkey see. Monkey do.

Aiden helping water the trees and bushes... in his back pack. 
 I am not sure if the boys don't really fit in their firetrucks anymore... and they definitely don't fit with their back packs on.

 Playing Frisbee with the "packs" on...

 On Saturday morning we bummed at the Oakwood Mall and wanted to check out their new play area.

 The scouted out the "quarter rides" and Nana was the first ever to show them that they moved if you put money in them... grrrrrrr.  We made it two and a half years before they knew that those rides would move with money ;)  I was playing stupid saying I didn't have a quarter.  Never mind the fact they cost 75 cents to a dollar!  Back in my day - it was only a quarter!

Gramma and Grampa got them all set for Packer Games this season with a Matthews and Rodgers jersey... so they insisted on having these helmets we saw at Scheel's.  Once they were tried on to see if they fit, there was NO putting them back or taking them off for that matter.  They were quite the sight wearing them through the mall!  I usually don't give in to fits in the store, but we half went looking for the helmets.  All we need now is a blonde wig for Ashton to be Matthews for Halloween and some scruffy facial hair for Aiden to be Rodgers ;)
 A Halloween costume that will get years of use.  The jerseys and helmets have slept with them the last two nights as well as at nap time...  They also made an appearance at the Stout Al House for lunch with Nana, Uncle Nate, and Katie after church.  They thought it was pretty cool with everyone cheering for the Packer's!
 Some other random pictures I found on my phone from the week... there were times I should have been taking other pictures, but I just didn't feel like having the camera with me at all times!  You understand, right?!?!?  
Two Stylin' Dudes that are growing up too fast!

Go Pack Go!
Until next week...
The A Team.

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