Monday, September 2, 2013

All Aboard!!!

It is now September and that means Back-to School.  Tomorrow the boys start back at Bonnie's and will be starting preschool two days a week at our church, and they are excited!  We enjoyed our summer, but I think we are all ready for a bit of a change and a different routine.  

Quite often you can find us outside.  If we aren't eating or napping, we are outside.  The boys are either digging in the dirt, playing with a ball, glove, or bat, riding their bikes, and riding their 4-wheelers.  One night this week, the boys were in for a special treat and had a riding partner!
Our neighbor, Devin, got out his "Big 4-Wheeler"!  
You'll see in the pictures to come that the boys had quite the riding gear on...
Devin didn't seem to mind too much ;)
I promise, I didn't even need to ask him to pose!  I think we could be in a calendar...
This one also.  They were thinking they were pretty cool hanging out with Devin and his 4-wheeler.  Did they even care they were only wearing their Batman undies, rain boots, and a bike helmet?!?!?!

They asked if they could have a ride... and they LOVED it.

Look at that smile!
What are we going to do when we actually need to wear clothes... this works for starting to potty train!  
*Ashy's boots are on the wrong feet too - bonus to the outfit  :)
Bike helmets just aren't right for 4-Wheeling, so Daddy got out his.  These two little boys were pretty impressed!
It was kind of heavy for Aiden...
Last Tuesday, we took the boys to their preschool class for orientation.  It is a great feeling when you walk in and the boys were excited to put their supplies where they needed to go and ran off to play right away!  They start next Monday and Daddy will stay for the first day so we shall see how it goes. 
Yesterday we took the boys to the Trains at Carson Park in Eau Claire.

Ashton wasn't too sure about it at first... 
Still not so sure of it...
Daddy didn't quite fit on the next train :)

All Aboard!!!

Smile Elise...

Cute kids enjoying themselves...

More cute kids...

Then there is Uncle Dave being silly...
The boys had a blast, but I have to say I missed out on the last train ride.  As I was taking off my back pack, it caught my earring and it fell out.  I looked for it while the boys and Adam rode the train, but we never found it.  I am bummed.  For my first Mother's Day present the boys got me diamond earrings.  I was going to save them for special occasions, but ended up wearing them every day.  Bummer, but it was otherwise a great time and something we look forward to doing next year again!

Continue on to the next post if you haven't visited the blog in a while.  I completed a post from the last couple weeks (Children's Museum and the Minnesota Zoo).  This coming weekend we are headed to the Southern part of the state for a very important Wamboldt Wedding!  I hope Jill and Al are ready for two stylin' dudes who have been practicing their dance moves ;)

I hate to say good bye to summer (and I won't yet), but Fall is coming and I am kind of excited for it!

The A Team.

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