Monday, December 17, 2012

Winter Daze

We need an extra day in our weekends.  Just one.  Then maybe we can get everything done that we need to, have some fun, relax, and then I can blog... 
Let's get right to it.  I think all we did was go to the Winter Daze Parade right here in downtown Menomonie.  This will do until the boys get a bit older and we take them to the Holidazzle in the Cities.  It was great, and the boys L.O.V.E.D.  They saw horses, donkeys, puppies, lots of "kids" (according to Aiden), "bights" (lights), a camel, a cow, the Grinch, and Santa!  Aiden was doing some window shopping along Main Street.
 The boys LOVE horses and most ALL animals. 
 The Crew.
 All bundled up and loving the parade.

 More Horsies!!!!
 Spirit is the Menomonie Mustang Mascot.
 Once we were home, we had two little Reindeer that played the Kazoo.

 The boys are telling more and more stories and constantly amazing us with the things they say and remember from day to day.  Aiden is working so hard at putting everything together and is often putting 3 and 4 words together.  I smile everyday on the way home from Bonnie's.  They tell me who was there and all about the animals.  They point out the trees, tractors, barns, trucks, and they are ending every story with: "Daddy too, Megan too, Debbie too, Gramma too, Grampa too, and Nana too."  They will go on and on I swear just to keep hearing themselves talk.  The other words that I heard and noticed a lot more this week are:
"My Do"
"I Do"
Yep... getting to be pretty stubborn and independent.  Bring on the Terrible Twos!  ;)
House Update:  I CAN"T EVEN KEEP UP.  Adam usually visits daily, I make it out on the weekends and for as long as nothing was happening, it has exploded lately.  The exterior walls were studded in one day, and the interior walls were studded in the other.  Our front porch was poured, and the roof went on today (pictures to com on Sunday's blog).  This is what I have been waiting for, to be able to feel the space.  I have to say, I can't still quite feel it... but here is a brief tour:
Looking at the front from the road, the garage isn't on in this picture so that throws me off.  The front window is a spare bedroom and where the porch will be.  The other HUGE cut out is for the HUGE custom door coming from Utah.
 Looking from the Great Room into the kitchen (two windows framing the stove).  The other window on the right is the boys' room.  The window off the back is the dining room.
 Master Bedroom.  Big window looking out back and the two windows framing our bed.
 Master Bath.  The one window is in the "toilet closet" and the other is the transom above the bath tub.
 From the inside looking out the front door and spare bedroom window...
 In the great room looking at the door and windows leading into the screened porch.
 Out the Master Window to the back.
 Out the dining room window to the back.
More pictures this week of the roof and with the garage on... ***Note to self, never ever sell a house at the start of school and build another house over the holidays.  ;)  It adds craziness in this already busy time of year, but worth it in a couple months.
The Wamboldt's are off to see Santa tomorrow night after work.  Any bets on what the picture will look like.  The boys say they will sit on his lap because he gives them candy... Great, strangers enticing them with candy!?!?!?  But it's Santa, so I am okay with that.
Thanks for checking in!  Christmas cards are in the mail... from the A Team.

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