Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tis' The Season

I know I promised the blog on Monday... but time slips away.  FAST. Very fast.  I hate to get behind because the pictures and stories just keep piling up... and I know there are some that check this blog daily for updates and to look at what the Wamboldt Family are up to.  When I down loaded the pictures this week there were 300 of them.  Yep.  Love the digital age of taking TONS of pictures and then choosing what you want to keep, delete, and BLOG about ;)  I say to myself - "We did ALL that this past week or two?!?!?!"  So let's get started...
Ashton has has discovered the ipad and my iphone.  He has animal apps and puzzles that he does independently.  Nana even asked if they needed their own ipads or ipod touches for Christmas... I said NO!  They can use ours as a treat and I don't want them hooked on technology yet.
 When Daddy is doing an important job, you can expect that Aiden won't be too far behind.  The project last week - Decorate the Tree.  If I would have let him, Aiden would have been sitting on top of the ladder.

 Ashton helped for a minute...
 Projects with Daddy, usually involves a hammer.
 Ornaments are moved daily, but here is the finished project.  No breakables and cherished ornaments at the boys' level, and no glass icicles, or colored balls for this year. :)
 Saturday, December 1st we went to cheer on Mikayla for her first dance competition at the High School.  She has danced since she was tiny and didn't dance last year... so we were excited to see her dance again!  They opened the competition with their holiday dance.

 Mikayla's #1 Fans...
 Mikayla is the farthest on the right.
 In the back doing the splits.  No matter where I sat, she seemed to be the furthest  away from me or in the back... (she's on the tall-er side).
 Doing her kicks!  (second from left)
 Their second dance was their pom routine.  They took second place! Whoo-hoooooo.

 St. Nick left something in the boys' shoes on the morning of the 6th.  *He must not have seen Mommy's shoes behind the boys'.
 Jammies, new books, and CANDY CANES.  Yes, they ate their candy at 6:30 in the morning...

 The last time we saw Santa was at Pleasant Vally Tree Farm and they got a candy cane from Santa.  If you ask Ashton what Santa brings he says "Canny (Candy)"  If you ask Aiden what Santa brings he says "presents".
 Besides one broken ornament, the boys have done great with the tree.  We "look with our eyes"... as Aiden doing.
 Ashton will look with his eyes too, but sometimes close them ;)
 Loves getting his picture taken right now...

 They actually stay still for a few pictures!

 Doesn't that face show pure guilt?!?! 
 They think if they aren't touching it with their hands, it's OK.  So the back into the tree... "Back, Back Back."
 I think Aiden also thinks it's OK to touch it with his mouth.

On Saturday, December 8th we headed West to Waconia, MN.  We had the 2nd annual Stout Christmas.  Adam and his old roommates try to get together with the families at least once a year.  The families are continuing to grow!  Last year we went to Mike and Berta's in Maple Grove and this year it was at Eric and Jamie's.  Next year, it's at our house!  They have a beautiful place they just built and had been living at for a week before hosting!  Aiden found the trucks right away... Thanks for sharing Kaden.
Last year Isaiah was just a BABY!  This year he was trying to keep up with the big kids...

Roommates. Stouties. Daddies. Husbands. Boys.
The play room was STOCKED with toys... even with all the dolls and Barbies...
The boys still founds the trucks, cars...
and the TRAIN TABLE.

Taking a break from all the playing for a picture...
The Crew last year (2011)...
This year (2012). 

Look at this little Cutie.  AS I mentioned earlier, Isaiah was a tiny baby last year and slept most of the time we were Christmas Partying.  This year he was being a HAM for the camera...

Aiden with "Uncle Deek."
After a late night of Christmas Partying, the boys were troopers to get up and head to Eau Claire for Elise's baptism.  Aiden and Elle stayed busy with some "books."  
Elise May.  Happy Baptism Day!

Proud God Parents.

Is Elise not a mini-me of her big sister?!?!
Two years ago to the weekend, we had twenty something inches of snow in the day of my baby shower.  This past weekend it was fifteen inches of snow for Elise's baptism... so we had to play in it!  **Reminder for Wamboldt's - Don't plan anything on the second weekend of December, except a sledding party.

 The truck even gets brought out in the snow!  I do have to say, I give kindergarten and early childhood teachers A LOT of credit getting kiddos all bundled up with boots, snow pants, mittens, etc.  To get these two dressed is a chore in its self, and after 15 minutes of being outside Ashton is begging to go inside because he's cold...

 And this is why we are doing a BIG mudroom in the new house with lockers!
 Speaking of house... it's been awhile.  HOUSE UPDATE:  So much has changed, I can't even keep up!  The pictures below are from before snow, and just the foundation with back-fill.  It is now all framed with exterior walls and interior walls.  Yay!  I can FINALLY walk through and feel the space of the walls, the rooms, and the layout.  We had to "Flip (mirror-image) the plan to fit on the lot right so I was all confused and anxious to "feel it".  The garage went up today and basement floor being poured tomorrow and they will end the week with prep for the roof trusses to being on Monday.  I try to sneak out every couple days, and I am amazed how fast things are changing!  I'll get out there in the daylight hours this weekend to get some updated pics!
View from the road.
 The wine cellar that will be under the garage floor once it's poured.

 View from the back.
Can you believe that in this crazy recap of our weeks, three of us have had chest colds, three of us have had pink eye, and I was in bed for two days with a fever, chills, and felt like I was hit by a truck!?!? 
Tis' the Season to be Merry! 

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