Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Little Dancers

This week's blog comes a bit late as the days slipped past me... I had to Ask Adam what day it was, and if I did a blog this past Sunday!  OOOPS.  We must have been busy with all the Holiday Prep.  The Christmas post will come on Sunday (I need some time to organize all the pictures)!
The boys L.O.V.E watching Kae-da or Ka-ka (Kayla) dance, however competitions get to be long and the varsity games she performs at get late.  This past week she performed at both the girls' JV and Varsity game so we took the boys.  They got into the basketball game for the most part.  Mikayla did their Holiday Routine and at the end they passed out candy canes in the stands.  Now the boys say "Kae-da Dance, get canny (candy)."

On Tuesday night we attempted to see Santa at the Oakwood Mall.  Attempted means, the line was VERY long, he went on supper break, and the ling got even longer.  So we played, and left.  The boys like playing, and it's nice when I have an extra set of eyes to help watch for runners trying to escape.  Ashton stuck pretty close to me this time, wanting to get his picture taken.  The next series of shots are of different times, each when Ashton would run out and play and he would come back and ask for his picture to be taken.  He may be a little model!

 The boys change each and every day.  This day Aiden was more adventurous and played independently.  Some days he sticks close and Ashton is the more independent one.  I have noticed that Aiden likes to now include Ashton in what he is playing and wants him to play with him.  They also ask about each other more and look for each other.  ***A new thing this week - Aiden wanting mismatched socks.  He insists to pick out his own and takes one sock from two pairs (Elly and Mikayla do the same exact thing).

Father like Son.  Adam with his beer and the iPad, Aiden with his milk and my iPhone.
 Busted by mom.
 Where was Ashton when the techies were hard at work?  Enticing Izzie.  They are buddies and they are beginning to want to cuddle with her, hug her, kiss her, and pet her.  This is SO much better than beating on her!

 On Friday the boys took treats to their friends at daycare and gifts to Bonnie and Tim.
 They were so excited to hand them out!
 There's nothing I like best than bed head and sleepy eyes trying to wake up.  We now need the blankie, Scout AND Eeyore.
 Blankie, Scout AND Tigger.  We also need to give Elmo a paci and all their "friends" a drink of milk before they go to bed...
 Because we didn't stick around for Santa on Tuesday night, we attempted again on Sunday.  Santa started at noon and we showed up at 10:45.  To our surprise, we were the first in line AND they were opening early at 11:00!  Yay!!!

 Nothing but smiles and excitement before seeing Santa...
 Peeking at Santa... Ashton could see him getting ready to see all the kiddos...
 Aiden peeking...
 So excited, Aiden ran under the rope to see him...
 ...and they FREAKED when he said "Hi" to them!  Yep, they wanted NOTHING to do with him.  So, I didn't want to do the screaming kid Santa picture and terrify the boys, so mom and dad sat with Santa too!  Maybe next year Mommy and Daddy won't have to be in the picture ;)  They did "high-five" him...
 Christmas has always been a magical time of year... and I have to say it is even more magical with kids.  It is so much fun looking at this time of year through the Boys' eyes and trying to make it as special as our parents have made it for us.  They LOVE the Christmas lights on all the houses, the tree, and talking about Santa. 
Merry Everything from Our Family to Yours!

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