Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So the BIG question is... "What is it like having twins?" Well, first of all there is not enough time in my day. It feels like the days fly by with just trying to keep up with feedings, hence the reason for a late post this week! The boys are eating every 3-3 1/2 hours around the clock and this keeps us very busy! The rest of the time, they are still napping quite a bit... and when they nap, Adam and I find ourselves sneaking in a nap! The adrenaline has worn off and periods of pure exhaustion have began.
Mommy Sleeping... Even Izzie is exhausted ;)

Daddy Sleeping
The boys Sleeping... Seems like a whole lot of sleeping being done at the Wamboldt residence! Not quite.
On Tuesday the boys had a quick appointment for their RSV shot. They qualified for this very expensive shot because of their birth weights and the gestation they were born at. This is a shot that is given monthly to them lasting through the flu season. I told Adam I didn't want to go to this appointment, as it is tough for me to even take the dog to the vet! I was a trooper though and didn't leave Adam hanging. The boys did well and even got stickers when they were all done ;).

The boys with their puppy stickers!

To make sure they were given the right dosage they were weighed. WE HAVE A SET OF SIX POUNDERS!!!!

Ashton 6 pounds 1 ounce

Aiden 6 pounds even.

We had some special visitors this week. Adam's mom visited on Thursday night and brought us supper. Some nights if we didn't have family helping out, I think Adam and I would starve or be eating frozen pizza every night! Gramma spent some special time with the boys and even held both at the same time!

The other special visitor was my sister, Elly. She has some time off work and came over several days to get some snuggles. It has been 13 years since she held a baby (Mikayla) but she was a pro at holding both the boys also. OK - it's not the easiest thing to do right now, but I needed to get something done ;)

When the boys are not eating or sleeping, we are starting to play with some toys. They like looking at the bold colors and are really starting to focus on objects.
On Friday night, Adam and I had our first night (a couple hours) away since they boys have been home. My sister and her boyfriend were over. We were waiting for my mom to come over to order some dinner, and she had the idea of babysitting while the four of us went out to dinner. After a fish fry and two beers, we could barely keep our eyes open!

On Saturday, we had more visitors and Elle helped pick out some age appropriate toys to get out for the boys. She is such a big girl crawling all over! Izzie was curious to what toys they boys could play with... and she even leaves them alone. She is doing such a great job being gentle around the boys and knowing what toys are hers and what are OFF LIMITS.
Uncle Dave got some cuddles from ???. I thought he was holding Ashton... but now looking back at the picture it looks like Aiden!?!? It's been 8 months since he has held a tiny baby but he was a pro.

Well, off to a crying boy... a hungry boy... or a nap. That is our life but we are loving every minute of it!!!

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