Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring has Sprung!

For the sake of time and the fact that I am not feeling very creative tonight... the theme is sticking with SpRiNg!!!  

Spring is... 
being excited to take out the umbrellas because it is raining out and not snowing out!  On this morning, Adam sent me this text saying they were checking on the chickens at Bonnie's.
Spring is...
being teased with some nice weather and then some snow.  We had a snow day on Friday, April 4th.  It all started with rain and some sleet that was not stopping the boys from still playing outside with their trucks!
Spring is...
trying to get the last bit of hockey in.  These two are still crazy about all things sports, especially hockey at the moment.  We are waiting to get out to some spring baseball games soon!
Spring is... 
throwing rocks in all the "ponds" that have formed around our neighborhood.  In all reality they are just big puddles and the river flowing through the culvert and our back yard.

Spring is...
going for walks!  I actually had Izzie in the Burley so she would get messy and wet, but the boys also thought they wanted a ride.  That lasted for a bout 5 minutes.  They they started filling the Burley with rocks they found on the walk.
Collecting rocks.  Trying to find the big ones to throw in the pond!

Ashton found a "jack pot"!
Spring is...
stopping on our walk to have leaf and stick races.

These two little boys adore their Daddy.  

Once the rocks are collected from up the entire road, they throw them into the culvert or the pond.  Hours of fun.

Spring is...
trying to get to Monday's in Motion with the Mayo Health Systems Wellness Rocks program.  It is done at the end of the month so it is a hard choice - outside if it's nice or inside with the limited weeks left.  The boys love shooting hoops, playing tennis, and all the other activities!

Daddy even gets moving shooting hoops!
Improvising so the boys could shoot some hoops their size.  Their aim is on and Ashton thought it was fun to keep moving further and further away.

Aiden is a little dramatic and was saying he was hurt.  **He was not hurt.
Spring is...
riding 4-wheelers and collecting rocks again.  This happens just about every night!  On this night though they had to problem solve.  One of the 4-wheelers was dead.  So cute seeing them ride together.

Once the bucket was full, it was time to go down to the pond!
I can only see our bedtime slipping later and later as the weather continues to be nicer and nicer.  How can the boys go to sleep when the sky is still awake?!?!  With some later nights, we have two tired lumps in the morning.  This is how they wake up... covered on the couch because it is "too bright".
Spring is...
going to the park after school on their Daddy Day.  They are into DINOSAURS right now.  They eat, sleep, and live for any dinosaur movie and book!
Spring is...
lunch outside.  We need to buy a patio set.  On this day, the bench and lap worked fine.
Spring is...
the first fire of the season!  Uncle Nate had a Birthday on Friday and the boys were pretty excited to go to the store with me to buy some things we needed to make s'mores.  
Ashy is really a Daddy's boy right now... could he get any closer?

All hands on deck when these two little boys have sticks with marshmallows in their hands!  Watch out!

On or two bites of the full s'more and then it was passed onto someone else to make.  Then it was full on begging for just the chocolate and marshmallows.

Mikayla giving me the stink eye... these two were on their phones.  I think they were either snap chatting each other or texting each other while standing right next to each other... Busted.
I think it will be quite a while before anyone has a birthday at our house and don't have two little helpers to blow out their candles.  Thanks for sharing your moment Uncle Nate!

I love this picture!
Time to blow... where did Uncle Nate go?  He's hidden between the two "helpers".

This coming weekend... Spring is...

We can't wait to have family and friends over.  The boys have been talking about the Easter Bunny for at least three weeks now.

~The Wamboldt's

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