Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fun at the Farm

The last weekend in March marks the Alumni Volleyball Tournament.  
Every year we say we need to get together more; every year we end up catching up and talking kiddos and families while trying to play volleyball at the same time.  Most years we loose a lot and laugh a ton.  Every year there are younger teams that intimidate us and usually beat us.  Every year I can barely walk on Sunday and Monday because I am just not in shape enough to play 10+ games in one day!  This year my arms were literally black and blue.  It is a great time and I'm glad we do it.  A couple years ago we were all pumping because of new babies, this year we were missing two girls due to new babies, but we also gained a player.  Becky deserves a special award for the farthest traveled to come back and play.  She now lives in L.A. and she came home just for the tournament, and maybe to see her family too ;)  We ended up splitting 3rd place as we were one game away from the championship.  Class of 2011 beat us by a couple points, and they then went on to beat Class of 2013 for the championship.  We are class of 1998 - just to put the age difference into perspective!  We used to be one of the younger teams, we are now one of the older teams... sad.
(Cindy, Becky, Renee, Mandy, and I)
Saturday was not only the volleyball tournament, but also my birthday.  The boys came to watch a game, but they were more excited for me to get home to give me their presents.  I was sure I was getting trucks... but instead I got dinosaurs and chocolate!  When they went to Walmart to pick out my present, they were so sure I would share with them ;)  It's fun to remind them that they are mine and I love to share, but don't share with naughty boys who don't listen.  My mom reminded me that one year my brother got a doll from Mikayla on his birthday and she told him that she needed to babysit when he was at work.  ;)

 After dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings with the family, it was back to our house for real presents and cake!  Good thing I had two helpers to help me open presents!  Only it's not so fun opening cards, gift cards, and shoes for mommy!
 I had two special helpers to help blow out my candles after singing Happy Birthday.
 The boys kept telling me they are three, just about four... and Mommy is thirty four.  They are now excited for their birthday again, but let's not rush it!
 On Sunday it was time to get dirty and have some fun on the farm!  We met Elle and Elise there and I think everyone else from the surrounding counties and states.  It was busy but the kids loved it.  On the ride to the farm, the kids got to help drive the horse wagon.  FUN!
(not sure who the other little man is - he got to help too)
 Ashy didn't want to drive.  He was okay keeping his distance from the huge horses.
 We are ready, let the chaos begin.  Actually we were some of the first there thankfully.  I was beginning to wonder how many they could squeeze into the barn.  Claustrophobia anyone?!?!?!
 The baby chicks are always the first stop.  I feel so sorry for them with all the little hands reaching for them from all different angles.  Gentle guys, gentle!

 Lambs, lambs, and more lambs!  
Lambs being born a we were there!
The boys didn't care so much for them as they get to see them everyday at Bonnie's.
 We had been talking all week about riding the ponies.  Last year Aiden rode but Ashton didn't want to.  I figured both wouldn't ride when they were afraid of this little pony and baby in the barn!

 Scared of the pony in a pen, but completely comfortable being IN the goat pen with many goats larger than them roaming around.  Again, maybe it's because Bonnie has goats. 
 No fear.
 Feeding them.
 Petting them.  

 Brushing them.

 I offered one last time for the boys to hold the lambs... they finally agreed.  Bummer I didn't get a picture of all the kiddos this year.  It was way to chaotic, busy, packed, and crazy!
The baby pigs were popular with the boys this year.  They didn't get the chance to hold them, but they sure squealed LOUD!  The boys thought it was pretty funny, but were also concerned about why they were 'crying'. 
 Did they ride the ponies?  Yes they did!  Ashton had to pick out the smallest one before he felt comfortable, and I am so glad he did.  Last year he was adamant he was not going to, but then when we got home he felt bad that he didn't do it.  This year he was pretty proud of himself!  Aiden said he had to "tell Uncle Steve" that he rode a horse!

Elle rode a horse.  I told her that Princesses ride white horses.
 Elise wasn't too sure about it at first, but she did it!

 Good Bye Govin's.  It was fun!  We will be back next year!

 After the Farm, we grabbed some sub sandwiches and headed back to our house to play a bit.  Two years ago when the boys got this table for Christmas, it looked pretty silly having four little chairs around it.  Now, all four chair are full.  Elise was not going to sit anywhere but with the kids!

 It's been awhile since we have all been outside to play together.
 Elise was having fun stomping in the puddles ;)
 We have pretty much outgrown the firetrucks!
 Ashton is still all about hockey, Aiden is all about baseball and anything with wheels.

 Aiden LOVED playing baseball with Uncle Dave.  We can't wait for games this summer!
 Later in the afternoon, we were back outside to patrol the river going through our back yard.

 There is the pond that we skated on all winter!  The boys now know it is danger and to not go near it.
 Impromptu photo shoot with great lighting!
Ashton is totally a Daddy's boy right now.
 All of my boys.
 " I never know how much I loved your Daddy, until I saw how much he loved You."
 DAD - A Son's first HERO.
 He's my hero...
walking through the woods carrying two boys at 30+ pounds a piece!!!!
It's April.  The snow is finally melting.  We are excited to see grass.  We are definitely spending more time outside and bedtime is being naturally pushed back.  It isn't easy putting a 3 year old to bed when it is still light out!  
Speaking of being put to bed - bedtime has been a bit of a struggle lately.  They either don't want to go to bed, won't stay in bed, need a drink of milk, need to go potty, or "aren't sleepy."  About the only thing getting Aiden to bed is Izzie sleeping with him.  
Last night as I was tucking Aiden in I said, "Give me a kiss."  
Aiden replied, "Yuck... gross mom.  Kisses are gross."
Tonight he didn't tell me they were gross, so that made me feel better.  ;)
On the other hand, Ashton will remind us hourly that he loves us.  Thank you Ashy!

Think Spring.  The weather is saying 8-12 inches of snow starting tomorrow  ;(

If you are just checking in, scroll below this post as I have updated for some randoms from the month of March.  Getting caught up and it feels so good!

Until next week ~ The Wamboldt's

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