Sunday, February 23, 2014

Disney on Ice

Yeah, yeah, yeah... so I'm a little behind again.  Looking back at what was on the camera, you can definitely see that we are digging deep trying to find things to do to pass the time... indoors.

We are so done with this winter.  The snow is so deep, Adam is snow-blowing paths around the yard so the boys can go other places besides just the garage and driveway.  Winter is cold, but it shouldn't be this cold.  We are in the history books with the number of days below zero... and instead of having snow days, we have "Freezing Cold Days".  

So what have we been up to?
Coloring.  These boys don't sit long enough to do this often, but this particular night we were looking for some indoor fun.  We broke out the coloring books and the bingo dotters...
 *When does this cheese face go away?

 Next up was play dough.  We don't get this out often.  I can't stand the way it smells!  I never have liked it, even when I was little.  Plus it gets stuck under fingernails.  : )
 If it's too cold to build a snowman outside, why not do it inside!

 Growth Spurt!  We had their 3 year check up.  It's always fun to visit the doctor when we don't have pneumonia or a concussion!  The way they are growing out of their clothes and eating, it's no wonder Ashton is in the 90th percentile in height (39 1/4") and 80th in weight (35 lbs).  
Aiden is in the 75th percentile in height (38 1/4) and 75th in weight (33 lbs).
Right from birth, Aiden was a couple ounces smaller and a half inch shorter.  This trend has continued to a pound or two difference and a inch most every time we see the doctor.  We couldn't be happier the ways these two are eating, sleeping, napping, and developing!  No surprise they are growing, they ask for seconds on most nights for dinner AND eat at least one bowl of cereal before bedtime.  This night they both ate three bowls of cereal before bed.  Adam and I cringe with what our grocery bills will look like when they are teenagers!
 Bal-en-times Day!!!!  
Otherwise known as Valentine's Day.  We were busy making treats for their parties both at school and Bonnie's!
 Pretty excited to go to school and pass them out to all of their friends!
 Please - Don't stand too close together for a picture.  That might mean you like each other ;)
 Cuddle time on the couch.  If they aren't telling me that their bellies are hungry, Ashton is telling me he's tired.  "I'm tired mom".  Aiden has been telling me his eyes aren't sleepy.  "See mom, I can't shut my eyes.  They don't stay shut."  Go figure.

 We left town early on the day of Valentines, so Nana and Kayla stopped over on Thursday night to give the boys a treat.  How did they know that baseball bats and dinosaurs would make these two Valentine's happy!

 Friday night, Valentine's Day, we picked up the boys from daycare and headed East to Oconto Falls!  Gramma and Grampa invited us for a weekend of fun!  We had a doctor in the house.
 Saturday morning we had some Valentine's to open from Gramma and Grampa, Mom and Dad, and Nora.  The boys had a special treat in the mailbox waiting from Nora and we didn't get the chance to open them until Saturday morning!  Thanks Nora, we can't wait until spring to see you playing outside more!
 Elle and Aiden playing on the iPad.  So much fun watching each one show how to play their games.
 Saturday afternoon we were so E.X.C.I.T.E.D to go to Disney on Ice.  I think Gramma and Grampa can't wait to take all the kiddos to Disney World, but for this weekend in February - Disney on Ice was perfect!  Half of the time the boys thought we were going to a hockey game ;)
 They LOVED it.  
 The showed Lion King and Little Mermaid...

 Lilo and Stitch.

 Peter Pan.
 Their favorite part that they still talk about was during the Peter Pan part.  A HUGE alligator came out on the ice and Captain Hook fell into his mouth.
 Peter Pan and Tinker Bell flew!
 The End.  Thanks so much Gramma and Grampa.  It was so much fun.  The best part of being a parent is seeing the joy brought to your children's eyes and see things through a three year old's eyes.  They were in awe and still talk about it everyday.
 Being silly in Grampa's chair.  
 They get so goofy... here are their faces.
 Cousins.  All 4 in the tub.  This is a first I think!
 Chef Aiden cooking up some treats at Gramma and Grampa's
 One of my favorites.  Another after bath time, indoor activity.
"Sometimes being brothers is better than being super heroes." 
Why not be both brothers AND super heroes!!!

 Ashton wakes up with the birds.  This past Saturday morning he was up at 4 a.m.  Adam tucked him back in bed.  He was up at 5 a.m. to potty, and by 6 he helped himself to starting a movie and tucking his dinosaurs in on the couch to watch a movie with him.
 Another indoor activity - On Saturday morning we went to the Children's Museum.  Friday night I texted Aunt Missy to say we were heading over and they had plans to go the the museum too!  One thing that they boys enjoyed that they typically don't play with there was the movie area.  They had fun yelling "action" and playing on the stage.
 I love how you can only see Ashton's nose and two front teeth!
 "Ready, set... ACTION"
 A favorite - fishing.
 The boys bring up camping a lot.  Maybe it's just the thought of summer and being outside again ;)
They made s'mores with Elle and Elise.

 Elise tries so had to keep up with the big kids!
 Playing in the tent.
 Safety first Elise!
 We ended with playing in the water, sorting magnets, puzzles, and art activities.  What a day!

 Today we found another indoor activity.  BOWLING!  They had a blast and are asking to go back again.  We bowled one game and then went out for pizza.  Sunday = Fun day.

 They thought it was pretty fun that we all had the same shoes.
 Since when does Ashton cooperate for pictures and not Aiden?!?!  
Stone face...
 A nice smile from Ashton?  Really!  
Ooops, not a good picture of Aiden.

  I give up.  ;)

In other exciting baby news... My friend Kimberly Kay welcomed her second son this past week (Feb. 18th).  We are excited to meet Wyatt's little brother - Oliver Scott soon!  He is home and healthy, after joining them 3 1/2 weeks early.
Also, Congrats to Matt, Steph and Landon!  Matt is one of Adam's best friends from way back.  They are expecting a bundle of joy in October.  Landon will be a great BIG BROTHER!

Thanks for being patient and continuing to check back!!!!

Stay warm and THINK SPRING.  March is just around the corner!

~The A Team. 

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