Sunday, January 13, 2013

Two Years Ago This Week..

I cannot help but think about this upcoming week, and think about where we were two years ago to this week.  Two years ago on a Sunday night, I was thinking about an easy week I was going to have.  No kids at school on Monday (just like tomorrow) and a half day on Wednesday... My week couldn't have gotten any easier.  Going back in the blog two years ago, I wasn't feeling that well, and I was beginning to admit that I was slowing down a bit... Never to image that my water would break in the wee morning hours the Thursday of my "easy week."  Yup... Ashton and Aiden turn T.W.O. this week!  The five weeks that we spent in the NICU were the longest ever, but the last two years have been the shortest ever.  Even though the last two years are a blur... but I could not imagine our lives any different. 
On to this past week... We didn't do much!  While picking up the boys from daycare, I always make one stay up by the garage as I buckle the other in the car.  When I turned to get Ashton on Monday, he was watching some men split wood and use the chainsaw... he must have thought that it was loud.  Where did he learn to stick his fingers in his ears like this?!?!  Sponges... be careful what you say and do around these two!

 Tuesday night we kept the boys up a bit past their bedtime so we could watch Mikayla Dance her new Jazz routine.  It may be a couple years before the boys get interested in the basketball part, but they sure do L.O.V.E. to watch Kae-da dance!

 On Saturday the boys had some special friends over while Katie, Nana, Elly and I snuck to Rice Lake to watch a full day of dance (Conference Competition).  I have never been around so much rhinestones, glitter, make-up, tu-tus, and dance smiles.  I see gas powered vehicles, hockey skates, cars, trucks, and dirt in my future. 
Debbie, Tara, and Megan came over to spend some time with the boys.  Debbie and Megan used to watch the boys one day a week before they went to Bonnie's so they miss the boys and the boys talk about the All. The. Time.  Ashton wanted to just sit on Tara's lap... content as a bug.

 The boys got their Christmas Present from them, a Critter Care Kit.  Now they can play doctor with all their animals!
 Notice Izzie right in on the action, she LOVES presents too!
 With a rough night of coughing (both boys) and the flu season running rampid, Adam and I had some errands to run in Eau Claire so instead of dragging the boys all around, Tara and Debbie came back today!  They asked if they could ;)  It's so nice leaving the house when you see the boys content in the living room and not chasing you with tears begging to come with.
 This is an older picture from a basketball game last month, but as I was downloading pictures from my phone (which I rarely do) I came across it.  It's kind of a bad picture for the fact Nate is on a bleacher down so he looks tiny next to Mikayla, but I still like it.  A great picture of Mikayla and her dad (my favorite brother). ;)
House Update:  Not a lot of pictures this week.  Actually the only two I have are from the builder's Facebook page.  They are working on the siding and drywall this week.  Soon to start on the flooring, and painting.  The cabinets are in our garage and ready to go, along with all the light fixtures.  Hopefully next week we can keep our granite measure scheduled, but cabinets have to be in by then... It is so much fun now seeing it all come together.
 I wanted a barn door as an accent and separating the master bedroom and master bathroom, so the builder hand made one.  He will also make the beams for the living room and banister/railing to match.  These are the things I can't wait to see all come together!
We are trying to stay/get healthier this week because we have plans to travel to Gramma and Grampa's this coming weekend to celebrate Christmas and be there on Sunday for the Boys' birthday!  Gramma is home and doing great and we are sooooo excited to visit - being healthy and staying healthy is the tricky part until then.  Vitamins, rest, good food, rest, liquids, and rest are on the agenda for this week. Fingers Crossed.
We'll see if I'll have the time to post next Sunday for the Boys' Birthday.  Traveling may get me behind, but look on Monday or Tuesday. 
Stay Warm and Healthy!
~The A Team

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