Sunday, January 6, 2013

HaPpY NeW YeAr - 2013

Happy 2013! 
As we bring in the New Year, we look forward to many things.  The boys will turn TWO in a couple weeks and there will be changes ahead again with another move.  I do not know where the last year has gone.  It seems like just yesterday the boys were starting to walk and we were planning their 1st birthday party.  The boys have grown so much, but I think we are all in agreement that we are ready to say good-bye to 2012.  We have a lot to be thankful for as Gramma Wamboldt got her new liver and a "new lease on life" however has been battling with some infections in her hip, requiring multiple surgeries since.  She is the strongest woman I have ever met and we know this will be her year to heal and start enjoying the things she used to enjoy.  Just probably not ice-skating or snowboarding with the grand kids.
While sitting and playing, Aiden said "pretty... ear... like mommy" ( I type it like that as he is trying SOOOO hard to put sentences together but they are still choppy and sometimes the words are out of order).  Sorry buddy, not piercing your ears anytime soon!
 Monkey See... Monkey do!  Ashton then tried putting the guinea pig in his ear to be "pretty."  I had nightmares of peas up the nose and in the ears...
 Once the "guinea" didn't work the "roo" did.  ~Kangaroo
 New Year's Eve the boys partied with Nana while Adam and I went out with some friends.  We met Karen, Jeff, Nate, and Brooke for dinner and a few drinks at Shanghi Bistro.  We all have kiddos the same age so some adult time, nice dinner conversation, and laughs were nice!  Once the food came, we made the joke that we didn't have to cut anything, make a plate, or feed anyone else but ourselves. We actually made it until midnight too!
 On Tuesday, Missy and the girls came over to watch the Rose Bowl Parade and some pizza.  They brought a special gift from Elle and Elise's Grandma Maureen... a new warm, fuzzy sweatshirt!  She spoils the boys like they are her own grandchildren... Thanks So Much Maureen and Papa Coach.

 It didn't take long for the kids to all gather in the house and play at the kitchen.  At one point all three where in the house and peeking, but I didn't have the camera.  Trying to stage the photo op again, they fought about who could peek out the side window... so no cute pic ;)
 One peeking after the fight... they liked watching the bands in the parade.
Another one peeking...
These two play together well most of the time, but they also fight like brother and sister the other part of the time...
 Aiden wanted to watch what Elle was playing on the iPad and I was nervous about putting them this close so I said, "Don't touch her."  I guess he took it literally and kept his hands away...
 Love it.
 Elise had the CUTEST little red and white stripped bibs on for the Badger game.  Elle had some to, but chose not to wear them.  I know we are starting to go through some clothes struggles also with Aiden, but it's over socks (for now).
 The three cutest little Badger Fans... Ashton was crabby and went to nap early.

 For Christmas Grandpa Rodney (my dad) and Cindy got us all some Badger gear.  We all made sure to wear our socks on game day... even though they didn't bring the team luck.

 So for a while we have been talking about going potty in the potty chair, wearing big boy undies, and opening the boys up to the idea.  We are definitely not pushing anything yet but the boys are curious and Ashton pees in the bath tub on demand so... bring on some undies!  Daddy put them on Ashton's head... silly.
 After bath time, we put them on them to see how they fit... so cute!  I don't know if I'm ready to get rid of their diaper butts.  They put them on and the ran sprinted all over the house for at least a half hour.  Do undies feel that more free than wearing a diaper?!?!  Within that half hour, Ashton pooped in his big boy undies. 
 Such big boys.  Bonnie has most all boys at daycare and has for the last many years, so I am counting on her help and expertise for training and also looking forward to summer where they can just pee on a tree outside ;)
 Focusing more and more on building "towers".
 Also focusing and sitting still longer for coloring.
 Saturday night the boys cheered on the Packers while Adam and I watched the game with Missy and Dave.  We may be getting spoiled with some adult time and kid-less dinners!  We had a great time at the Livery for dinner and cheered for the Packers.  Well, most of us were rooting for the Green and Gold... Uncle Dave and one other girl in the entire place were rooting for the Purple Team. ;)

 Thanks for the new sweatshirts Nana! 
 This morning we meet up again with Missy and Dave but included the kids on a swim date.  We heard about a local hotel with warm water and a pool that is never busy, so we packed up and went swimming!  For as long as we haven't been swimming, I was surprised how they boys LOVED the water and Ashton was jumping into the pool (even went under a couple times... by accident... but he didn't mind).  The water was so warm, it was a bit steamy! 
 The house is all insulated, plastic wrapped, and ready for sheet rock! 
 Standing in the great room, looking into the entry way. 
 Our cabinets... all ready to go in after sheet rock and paint!
 The garage is all sheet rocked.
 Adam standing on the front porch.  The door has finally shipped from Utah, was in Chicago last we looked and we will be hand delivering the stain to the finishing shop tomorrow.  We also meet one last time tomorrow to make all final decisions on whatever else needs to be decided on.  This week they will be installing the garage doors, hanging the sheet rock, and putting on the siding. 
Whew... Once again, I forget all that we do until I look at the camera on Sunday nights.  How do we find the time to go to work and daycare too?!?!
Until next week... not sure what we have planned, but I'm sure we'll find something to do... or not.  That would be nice too.
~The A Team

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