Sunday, February 14, 2016

End of Fall

I've had these pictures ready to go for quite some time.  I have lost my motivation to blog, maybe not my motivation but the time I want to spend.  I like how it kept me downloading my pictures on a weekly basis and organize them on my hard drive.  I haven't let go of the idea of the blog... I just don't feel the guilt if it doesn't get done.  I am trying for maybe monthly updates, or by the season the way I have been going.
Let's get started! 
Halloween was all about the Avengers.  Even though we have many costumes for dress up and I thought they were going to be 2 Ninja Turtles, they decided to be HULK SMASH for their dress up day at school.
 We love how the teacher invites parents in each month however, I can't make it every month.  Adam joined for the Halloween Party.
 A classroom full of cuties!
 I think the way Ashton likes costumes, he is going to take after his Aunt Elly and LOVE Halloween.
 The Avengers!
 The boys were interested in carving for a whole 5 minutes.  They picked out suck a huge pumpkin, only dad's arm could reach the bottom!
Even though it was still fall, there was still a hockey theme!
 The pumpkins... with pumpkins.
 We had a family friendly Halloween Party the Friday with Halloween being on Saturday.  The local businesses do a downtown Trick-or-Treating so we did that and then had some friends over.  Sorry for the lack of pictures.  I took only these of Captain Caz and his Parrot show up.  Then my camera was put away and the craziness started.  We had 23 kids and 11 adults at one count.
 On Saturday night we had a Hulk and Iron man for Trick-or-Treating.
 It so fun to see the excitement through their eyes.
 Hadley wanted to come with the boys.  
She was the cutest little Flamingo!
 I always have a silly picture to follow a serious one.
 Ready to run the neighborhood!
 Izzie was ready too with her festive collar.
 We met up with some neighborhood boys and they ran from house to house.
 Hadley couldn't run, however all the candy made her tired.
 We had the girls over for their first overnight while Missy and Dave had a wedding to go to.  It was so much fun!  I love seeing these cousins play so well together.
 Lunch Time!
 Ready to head outside... can't resist taking a picture of this cutie pie.
 Aiden lost his first tooth on November 9th... he has a hole in the bottom row.  Actually to date he has lost two, the second on December 11th.
 He fell in our bedroom and mentioned that his teeth felt funny.  Sure enough he had a couple loose.  I got a same day dentist appointment to make sure it wasn't from a injury.  After x-rays and a cleaning, they basically said he has advanced teeth (no injury), about 6 loose and his six year molars were in.  Oh boy!  He is really going to look like a hockey player!  
 We went bowling the day we had the girls.  We worked on taking turns and staying out of each other's way!
 Elise and Ashton were the only ones that agreed to a a picture.
 Izzie had a snuggle friend.
 In true slumber party fashion, all four kids slept on the floor in Aiden's room.
 Uncle Adam had the idea to hook up a spare TV in their room for movie night.  They laid down around 6:30 and stayed in there the whole night.
 Coloring.  Since school has started both have taken more of a interest in drawing, writing, and coloring.  More so Aiden right now.
 While the other two were coloring, these two were on technology.
 When Adam got home from work, he entertained for a bit.
 Tractor Rides.
 My first baby.  Pretty girl.
Snap shots.
 Our slow moving project has been the boys' tree house.  All it needs is the roof in the spring!
 Rest time.  Even for me!
 With fall coming to a end, Hockey started again.  We had about 5 weeks off and the boys are ready to hit it again!
 Thanksgiving was at the Ruebers.
It was a bit different this past year with my Dad having Cancer treatments and Adam's mom doing the same.  The Rueber's hosted for those who could make it and we were missing those who couldn't be with us.
 Lots of cooks in the kitchen.  So glad I wasn't a cook!
 They made super cute pilgrim cups (mayflower).
 The kid table.
 It wouldn't be a get together if a little whip and nae nae didn't happen!  Of course Ashton and Aiden were spectators only.  No participation.
Next up... Christmas and the beginning of Winter!

Welcome back after my long break!

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