Sunday, August 2, 2015

The County of Door 2015

As John Denver and Kermit the Frog sing in The Muppets Go Camping:

I got my gear in my pack
I got my pack on my back
Today's the day I'm going camping

Just got the goahead sign
the weather's gonna be fine
Today's the day I'm going camping

I'm gonna pitch me a tent

Won't have to pay any rent
It looks like ev'rything is "A O.K."

As far as I can see
I think it's gonna be a perfect camping day

Adam's 34th year...
My 8th year (I think)...
Ashton and Aiden's 5th year...

The annual Family camping trip is in the books.
How do you possibly forget anything when you pack
Unpacking it all is another story when it's dirty and wet.
On the road, only for Adam to wonder if he locked the basement door and racking his brain until Chippewa to see what we forgot!
Looking at the camera, I had 500+ pictures to go through.  Actually 800+ but I don't think they were ALL Door County!
Every last load of laundry is done (lost count of how many loads were started... two full days with now rest for the washer and dryer)
Camper is cleaned out and every last item is put away.  *I have this thing with putting things away.  I had to clean the pantry totally out before adding the food, I had to clean my closet before putting my clothes away, and while doing laundry I refold all my dresser drawers to properly put everything away.  I was adamant that things don't come in the house unless they are to be put in the washer or in it's right spot, right away.  Whew... it's all done and put away!

Storms woke us up earlier than usual and tested us to get the tent down, packed up and on the road home earlier than what we were expecting.  Thunder woke us up around 6 am and we were on a sprint to get packed up and "might as well head home."  It was nice getting a earlier jump on the arrival home and tackle the mounds of laundry, however we also knew the lawn needed to be mowed.  Not just mowed, but since a storm also moved through back home, I had to rake and pick up tons of sticks/little branches in the yard before mowing.  Okay - enough complaining... there was a year I remember we came home to a basement full of water so this didn't compare!

I am definitely not complaining... because it is ALL WORTH IT.  We know it is worth it when we pull into the park, have John Denver playing which is a tradition long standing with Adam but this year it was Ashton requesting it before even pulling into the park!  We know it is worth it when we have two boys crying while packing up because they "don't want to go home" and wanted to stay for "a couple more days"!!!  We know it's worth it when Aiden said, "it's nice to be home but I miss Door County."  The boys loving this place brings tears to Adam's eyes as it is a special place to him as well.  

Going through the 593 pictures of our trip is amazing.  Sometimes I think that all the pictures look the same year after year because we often do the same things, but they are worth it.  They are worth it because every memory and every smile on the boy's faces is different.  Their ages are different and what they remember and find exciting is different. 

On with it...
After camp was set up, we made our first voyage to the beach of the year... 
Elise would pedal all the way down and back!
The 3 older kiddos are independent on their bikes... sometimes too independent.  More to come about that later!
 The beach at dusk...
Just the start of many hours digging int he sand.
A good first day!
Breakfast time and play time.  This playground gets a lot of use!
So does the tire swing!
You'll notice bike helmets in many pictures... the boys just keep it on all day so they don't have to think about it when hopping on their bike.  I always tell them - "you have 1 brain to last your whole entire life!!!"
Beach day!  We spend a lot of time at the beach.
I think I saw Gramma in the water more this year than ever!
Heading out to "Raft Island"
The Group
No set naps... Ashy got tired.  He did many naps on Daddy's shoulders, on the raft floating, or under the tree on the beach.
Aiden swimming with Elise's lobster - or crab as they called it.
Ashy was being too independent on his bike.  The first night at the campsite, he figured out the loop of sites and would take off without telling anyone.  After being lost once, we said he needed an adult with him.  Do you think he listened?  No.  His bike was put in the tree for the night after taking off without an adult, and not pulling over for a car.  Needless to say he hit the moving car.  He was fine, however if you can imagine the surprise of the driver thinking he hit a kid on a bike!
Elle turned 5 in one of the most special places for her family!  How lucky is she?  She woke up to her site decorated for her birthday.
Gramma and Grampa needed to make sure EVERYONE knew it was a special day for this 5 Year Old!
Who's turning 5?
Love Elise's face.  Sometimes she thinks she is turning 5.  ;)
So hard getting a decent picture of these four goof balls!
I. give. up.
Aiden James.
He likes to pose.
Add brother and they get goofy!
Elise May.
With a pose.
I think Dave needed to be carrying Elise and he would have been set.  Maybe he could bring a couple more things to the beach ;)
The Littles love Landon.  He plays so well with the kids, I would have paid to have him stay the entire time we were there!  Their family was there the first weekend of our trip.
Ready to swim!
Gramma and her coordinated beach outfits.  Always looking good!
Uncle Adam and Elise.  Love.
Many hours were spent in the water and on the sand!
Nicole Bay Beach.
Many kids took naps while floating on the hippo, alligator, and the lobster!  The drinks just needed to be brought to the adults walking with a sleeping kid on the raft so they didn't get dehydrated.  The sun block and occasional towel also needed to be brought in for the sleeping kiddos skin!
Landon with his sister, Laikyn.
If it wasn't ice cream, it was a push up... everyday.
Messy faces on the beach is okay.  It washes off in the water!

It was a race to eat the cones before they were a melted mess!
Cute little face.  He still has the skin on his nose in this picture... two years in a row he bit it and donated some skin to the roads in the campground.
Dave getting some baby time.
Ashton needed to nap some days... this was a good 2 or three hour nap in the shade under a tree.
Look close... Gramma is in the water!  Up to her waist!
We celebrated Elle's birthday on the beach with pizza, cupcakes, and presents.
A fishing pole, roller blades, crafts, and many other special trinkets.  Happy Birthday Elle!
Cupcakes in the shape of a Ice Cream Cone.  How fitting since we ate ice cream every day in Door County!
Make a wish!
Water fight!
Fishing on the dock.
Trying to catch "Lunkers"
Patience.  Fishing with 4 year olds is hard when your not catching anything.
So on to throwing rocks!
Taking advantage of a overcast morning we went Mini Golfing.  It's something the boys really wanted to do after trying it at Govin's in the spring.
Golfing with 4 littles was a race.  There was no time for the adults to try their shot at the game!
Stopping long enough for a picture.
Otherwise it was hit - sprint to the next hole - hit ... repeat.
A hole in one!
Sad face.
Two pirates saying, "Argggggg"
After golfing we headed to PC Junction for some lunch.  A train delivers your food and there is plenty to do while waiting for your food!
Pedal Cars!
The first picture taken of me in DC.  Why?  I am always behind the camera.  There are three pictures of me in this entire blog. Maybe 4.   ;)
It wouldn't be a day without Ice Cream!
Making an entire day of it, we headed out for dinner at Fred and Fuzzy's.  Gramma and Grampa discovered this place on the water with outside seating.  Really simple, beautiful spot, and great food!
Ashy was tired from the busy day ;)
Throwing rocks, waiting for our food.Look at how clear the water is!
Love the reflection in the water!
The restaurant is outdoor seating only.  Hope the rain holds off!
Straight from the camera... no editing.  One lonely sailboat before the storm moved in.
You can see the front moving in... we watched it while eating dinner.
It was a really neat place!
Hurry and eat or we will be wet!
While driving around in the park, the boys thought they were pretty special to be able to ride like a "big boy".
Trying to get a picture of the goof balls.
I give up.  memories made, and faces to look back on.  They don't have to be all perfect and smiling right?
Grampa and Aiden.
My mom, Mikayla, and Brenden joined us the last part of the week.
The morning before they arrived, we tried fishing.  We were getting blown away and it was CHILLY!
 They fished long enough to catch this ugly looking fish.  The boys know the name of it, essentially it is not wanted in the lakes so we didn't throw it back.  It is a form of a Asian Carp that they don't want in the lakes.  Boys - what is it's name?
Kayla and Brenden getting some sun.
There is Aiden's skinned nose.  He caught the back tired of a bike and went down.  A skinned nose and a chipped bottom tooth is what he took home.  Last year he caught dad's foot right before picture day...
Like father, like son.
Mikayla and Brenden playing in the sand.
Even Adam took some rest time.  His best rest time though was the 10 days away from work and his phone!
Perfect Beach Day.
We rented paddle boards for two hours... i could do this everyday!
Look close and you can see Elise "doing it all by myself!"
Another nap time.
Our "spot at the beach".
Our last night we took a drive to Tennison Bay.  Adam's parents ordered a very special bench that was placed near the playground.
Our family.
Like I already said...Like father, like son.
"The Wamboldt Family Bench"
I'm not going to share all the family pictures... they may or may not show up later in the year...
***Christmas Time***
We just about forgot about the annual trip to Wilsons!!!!  Gramma and Grampa had to head out early, and we missed them, but let's just say that the ice cream was delicious as usual!

Can I get one good picture of you two?
"Cool Dudes."
They used to call their sunglasses "cool dudes."
Thank you for the picture.  1 out of 20.
I scream
You scream
WE ALL scream for ICE CREAM!
Ephraim is one of my favorite cities in Door County.  It's quaint and built around the bay.
Adults enjoying each other as the kids play!
Kayla and Brenden.  So glad they could join us!
Uncle Dave and Ashton telling secrets through the tube.
We have climbers.  They are getting more and more brave with the monkey bars and fireman's pole.  Sometimes too brave...
Aides fell and I took his picture...
then Ashton "fell"
Then Elle "fell"
Making it a night, after Wilson's we stopped at Welker's Point to watch the sunset and the bats fly from their homes.
All Nana's grand kids.
Protecting the bats.  They are good.  They eat bugs :)
Waiting for them to fly out...
Me and Elise.  I gave the camera to Missy.  Maybe my 5th picture of me the whole trip!
The bat house.
That's it.  That is our Door County Trip 2015.
The count down begins for the 2016 trip to the County of Door.
No pictures around the site and campfires... huh... next year.

So glad I got this post done before leaving for our next vacation!  South Dakota here we come for the 2015 Shively Family Reunion.

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