Saturday, November 22, 2014

Winter Is Here

We definitely have been keeping busy.  If we aren't at hockey, we are trying to find other things to do.  Bundling up and heading outside to play is in more of Dad's department.  I try to find indoor activities!
Two weeks ago, we spent Friday night bowling.  They had fun in the arcade playing air-hockey and bowling with Daddy.  Aiden had randomly been asking to go bowling and telling people we were going since the end of summer, so I guess it was time to have a Family Date Night.
 That Saturday, we headed out to the Mall Of America.  The last time Nana went there was a Dinosaur store she wanted to take the boys to.  Little did we know that after getting there and searching for this store - it closed.  So... we made use of our time and visited the Disney store.  They were in Star Wars heaven and Planes Fire and Rescue.  We were taking pictures of all the stuff for their Christmas and Birthday lists.  *I have found that taking pictures of what they want satisfies them to not have to buy it AND they can look through the pictures on my phone once we get home.  Win, Win.
 We had a special lunch at the Rainforest Cafe.  We though ahead this time and made a reservation, otherwise the line is a crazy long wait!  We were seated right by a fish aquarium and the gorillas.  Ashton wasn't too sure about the "storms" that passed through, but after the first one he made sure to tell Nana and I that it was fake!

 After lunch, we really made a day of it and tried some rides!  They picked the trucks, the Blues Clues dogs, and the Merry-Go-Round.  It sure was a quiet ride home ;)

 Aiden has taken more of an interest in "drawing" lately.  He asks to color often and is taking his time.  Ashton will do a drive-by attempt, although he is getting better with wanting to color as well.  
 I didn't get the blue sky in the picture that he did on his own.
 The boys were SUPER excited about the first snow!  Ashton literally jumped out of bed, looked out his window, and ran to the living room looking for the Christmas tree and presents.  They keep asking about Christmas and we said, "It has to snow first." 
 Gunnar (one of the neighbor boys) is a great kiddo.  He was over sledding with the boys and I delivered some hot chocolate by Ashton's request.
 Uh-Oh... first sledding injury of the year.  Aiden bailed and hit his chin in a ice chunk.  He looked in the mirror later and said, "That's okay mom, I look like Blais now!"  **Blais had a bruised and cut chin from hockey ;)
 They stayed out for 2 1/2 hours!
Last Wednesday was Hockey Picture Night.  The boys were pretty proud of their "Real" hockey jerseys they got to wear for pictures!  **Ashton has the picture elan going...
 Being stuck in the house with the weather, they are ecstatic to see Finn twice a week at practice! (Mike, Bethanne, and Molly too!)
 A sneak peak at the hockey pictures that were taken.  Ashton is still hot and cold with having the confidence to participate in practice with the coaches.  To get him in the team picture I had to go on the ice with him... the plus side to that is I snapped a couple pictures with my phone.  I also helped the photographer and slide some kiddos into place ;)  The kids needed their helmets to get to the net, we took them off for the picture, and then they had to stay seated until we got their helmets all back on... safety first!  
 Official pictures to come shortly!
 They were pretty excited with the free time after... goals, sticks, and pucks!  Otherwise practice has been a lot of practice skating and no pucks.  Both out there!
 This last Friday night was Stout Men's first home game.  They were pretty impressed with "the big guys!"  Let's just hope they don't try to check like the big guys!
 Their friend from hockey was also at the game.  It's been really fun meeting new kids and families and seeing them around.
 Gramma and Grampa snuck in a visit last Sunday before nap and Hockey Practice.  We were very excited to have them over for lunch and to visit.  They got all filled in about Star Wars, Hockey, and whatever else the boys could find to talk about.
 Sunday night we had some visitors at open skate.  Jaxon and Tatum joined us and Nana and Kayla.  Kayla even dusted the rust off her skills and got on the ice with us!
 This past Thursday, the Menomonie Varsity had a three team scrimmage.  We have been waiting a long time to watch Blais play.  He is on a break from Team Wisconsin to play with his high school team.  Now we just have to practice reading the number "9" so we don't have to keep pointing him out all around the ice ;)
 Aiden was mesmerized watching the goalie warm up.  He has told me a couple times he wants to be a goalie.  Really buddy?  I don't know if that's the position I have the nerves to watch you play, but okay!
 Today they had a special day at the rink.  They opened the ice for two hours for those that were orphaned, widowed, or left behind by the hunters.  We weren't left behind by a hunter, but Adam has been working some long hours gearing up for Black Friday and the Holiday Season.  I took the boys to skate and it was a chore!  Thankfully Nana was able to help me get them dressed and they trusted me to tie their skates tight enough.  They thought it was fun to have the free time with pucks and sticks AND I could be on the ice.  Ashton didn't want to leave when it was time to get off the ice.  Now if he would only go out with his coaches!

HOCKEY... HoCkEy... and more hockey.
We are glad they are enjoying the sport and having fun ;)

We hope you stay warm, the hunters remain safe, and you all get your fill of food on TURKEY DAY!
We have a lot to be thankful for.
~The Wamboldt's

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