Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Our two boys are growing up.  Every time they say something that I think I will remember, and if I don't write it down; I lose it.  This week I wrote down three things that I thought were worth remembering.  
The first was while we were driving home from Bonnie's:
Ashton:  "Mom, there a policeman over there, pull over!  I want a ticket.  
Me:  "No Ashy, I don't think we want a ticket.  Tickets are if you are doing something bad."
Ashton:  "Okay, well let's just pull up by him and say hi."
Me:  "No Buddy."
The same night while driving home, it started to pour.  Heavy Rain.  Flood the streets Rain.  The boys were very interested in the rain on my car.  Then Aiden got worried about a person caught in the rain.
Aiden: "Mom, it's raining out! It's raining hard. Look at that guy! He's in the rain and he better get in the house or he will drown."
The last story is Aiden being very interested in letters and reading.  Anytime he sees the ABC's he asks me what it says.  As we were leaving for pizza on Friday night, Aiden informed me that my car said Culver's.  The blue oval with FORD in it.  He pointed to it and said, "Mom, that says Culver's.  You have a Culver's kind of car."  No, I don't drive a Culver's kind of car, but he was close with the blue oval.  Culver's would be impressed with their logo recognition!

We love our neighborhood.  We are outside all the time and it's not too uncommon to see this on a nightly basis.  This is exactly what we wanted in a neighborhood with a cul-de-sac, but being only the second house built, we didn't know what we would get.  The boys wait for Finn to come outside, or Finn is waiting for us to come outside everyday.  They get excited the minute they see his garage door open.
 Finn has a four wheeler and I have yet to get a picture of all three of them riding.  Finn's is a hit with the boys as it is faster (by 1 mph).  They all do a great job sharing!
 Ashton showing me he is smiling with his cheek...
 If they aren't on the bikes, or four wheelers one of us is getting out exercise pulling the wagon.  This night it was Mike.  ;)  They get silly with each other and it is so fun to see them all become great friends.  If we aren't standing in our drive way, or the Shriner's driveway, we are walking the neighborhood.

 We walked down to the end of the road and met up with Ronnie and Thomas outside too!
 The neighborhood gathering looked like this.  This is a just about nightly occurrence.  People who pull down the road to be curious (we live on a dead end), get to meet the whole neighborhood each night!
 Ronnie has a t-ball set that the boys loved!
 Friday night we went out for pizza and when we got home, Daddy had a surprise waiting for the boys.  We had to hide on the side of the garage for him to get it ready.
 New Bikes!  
Daddy had been busy shopping all week.  Ashton couldn't wait to get to Finn's house to ride his big boy bike and with Door County right around the corner, we knew it was time.
A blue one for Ashton...
 and a green one for Aiden.  
We have been talking a lot lately about having different things.  So far, it all fine as long as they are still blue and green.

 Ashton has spent a lot of time on Finn's, but Aiden hasn't wanted to really try it yet.
 While Ashy loves Finn's four wheeler...
 Finn still likes the fire trucks.  They go so... slow... but he is so cute on it.  "I'm coming to save you"

 Three peas in a pod.  
Snack time.  They basically live with their helmets on.  Sometimes with these three all together, nonstop four wheelers and bikes, that isn't a bad thing!

One night while I was getting some housework done, they went exploring.  They climbed the "Timber Canyon Mountain" (dirt pile).
 Molly, Finn's little sister, also tagged along.  ;)
 Saturday morning, Ashton entertained himself with building a fort while Aiden was still sleeping.  *Aiden is a sleeper-inner (my child) and Ashton is a early bird (Adam's child).
 Saturday afternoon, we packed up the bikes and went to the walking trail.  It was a beautiful day and Aiden was more eager to learn to ride.  It took him a block to get the hang of it, but in no time we were practicing stopping at the signs, looking both ways for cars, and I was jogging along side of them.

 They're off!
 It is going to be a fun summer!
 Today was a very special day.  Today marked the day BOTH boys filled their sticker chart.  I was kind of hoping, yet also dreading one to fill up their chart before the other so they could really feel the grunt of their choices and seeing one go to Walmart to pick something out with out other.  It just so happened, they both had a bad day or two but their stickers evened out in the end.  They were very proud of themselves!
 Off to Walmart we went.  Aiden knew exactly what he was going to pick out.  He has wanted this "huge talking Dinosaur" since before Christmas.  Ashton said he was going to get a skateboard.  We have two neighbor boys that have skateboards and ramps in their driveway.  They are in 3rd and 5th grade, but Ashton thinks he needs a skateboard too.
Aiden held true to his word, and this talking dinosaur scares the crap out of Ashton.  After rolling Finn's four wheeler last night and limping all day today, I encouraged Ashton to not get the skateboard and he settled with a different dinosaur.  "It's okay to be different."  He has wanted this dinosaur since Easter.  They are pretty excited for the next chart, which is already up!
Today was Mother's Day.  I am very blessed to have the family and boys that I have.  We went to Perkin's for breakfast, then headed to Walmart for their reward, and finished the morning at a greenhouse to get my flowers.  An attempt for a picture... looking into the sun.
 We spent the rest of the day planting my flower pots and hanging out.
 Nana and Elly came over for supper and we had a little water balloon fight.  Thanks for the balloons and idea Nana and Elly.  The boys had a blast but insisted on chasing me!  Okay - Nana and Elly got wet too!
 Again, it's going to be a great summer!

 That's it.  A busy yet relaxing weekend.  

HAPPY MOTHER'S Day to all the Mother's I know!  

Being a mother is the most difficult, rewarding, tiring, exciting and important job to me, and I am influenced by my very own amazing Mom (Nana) and Mother-In-Law (Gramma).

Next weekend we have three Birthday Parties in 3 days... ya-whooooo!

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