Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Make Room for Baby!

This week has been quite uneventful. I started the second session of teaching summer school and continue to work on finishing my graduate courses for this summer. I am working ahead so I can enjoy the ENTIRE month of August off. Adam has been busy covering all stores so his emplyees can take their vacations and attend training sessions.

As the news continues to sink in, I am feeling that I need to get the spare bedroom ready for the nursery. We need to find other places to put the "office", paint, and the daunting task is cleaning out my closet (the closet the master bedroom) to make room for Adam. Then Adam can move his stuff from the spare bedroom to make room for Baby! When all this is done, we can start thinking about painting, a closet organizer, and filling the room with baby furniture.

The room currently. Lots of work to do. Did I say earlier that I will have the month of August off? Let me rephrase that... Work on Baby Room!

I have started the lovely belly pictures. I am a bit shy right now because it isn't even really a baby belly yet, but just a bloated belly. But here it is...

7 Weeks

I continue to feel good. I may have jinxed myself briefly. One night I told Adam that I didn't even feel pregnant anymore. It's been awhile since I took the test, I have been feeling good, and nothing is really changing! The next morning I had a headache, had a bad night's sleep, and probably felt the worst yet. I have to admitt that being done with summer school at noon each day has allowed a much needed afternoon nap the last couple weeks. I also broke down and ordered a "pregnancy pillow". Adam is not looking forward to this taking up room in the bed (good thing we have a King) but since I am a stomach sleeper, it will hopefully help me get a good night of sleep!

This week we celebrated Adam's 31st Birthday. He didn't want me to get him anything because of the changes happening and "the best gift he could have is being a dad." Nizzer splurged on some treats (she may have had an alterior motive), he got a drying rack (OK - I needed a new one), and he got a North Face long sleeved 1/4 zip shirt. The celebration will continue in Door County for the rest of the family!!!

We are having fun reading about the development of the baby! Thanks Missy for the books (must be a teacher thing)! The baby is going through an incredible growth spurt this week. He/she should be close to the size of a pea or a blueberry. Adam is making sure I get my fruits and vegtables, and no caffine (Ugh - Adam's rule )because the brain is rapidly developing and the heart is now divided into the left and right chambers. Baby still has a tail (weird) and is forming arm and leg buds. It DOES NOT resemble a cute and cuddly baby yet!

We can't wait for the doctor's appointment when we return from The County of Door. I have a list of questions! They involve seafood, exercise, and caffine to make Adam rest a bit easier.
We will try to update each week on Sundays. That is the day that my weeks turn over and a nice way to recap the week!

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